[Video produced by David Myron]

At the 2020 International Builders’ Show (IBS), Marvin unveiled its Awaken Skylight, which utilizes digital technology to offer homeowners new ways to connect with and experience light, air, and their environments.

The skylight won the Best Window and Door Product category and was also recognized as a finalist in the Best Home Technology Product category at IBS. Marvin's Awaken Skylight enables homeowners to maximize the space for natural daylight, as the light well goes straight up to the glass without a stepped approach. "That allows the glass to be larger, so you're getting more daylight opening for the same size rafter or truss spaces," said Brian Farnes, product and system engineer at Marvin.

The Awaken Skylight comes with supplemental lighting, which can be controlled via a mobile app or bluetooth-enabled wall switches. By adjusting the temperature warmth and brightness of the supplemental light, it can simulate daylight or a sunset hue inside the house. For example, the skylight can be set to wake homeowners in the morning. “Or, in the evening, as the sun may set too early for you…you can extend that day by having the light come in and create your own sunset later on that evening,” Farnes said.

He added that the same skylight can be used as a either a curb-mounted or a deck-mounted skylight by utilizing the appropriate mounting hardware included with the skylight.

The Awaken Skylight will be available to dealers by the middle of this year.