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U.S. House Delays Flood Insurance Rate Hikes for Some, Senate Action to Come

Legislation halting FEMA until Sept. 30 from imposing massive flood-insurance rate hikes for some homeowners passed the House. The meaure now goes to the Senate for action. More

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Reimbursements Uncertain for Jersey Shore Homeowners

N.J. state funds to help homeowners rebuild after Hurricane Sandy aren't a sure thing afterall. More

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Legacy Building Supply

Nearly two hours, 90 miles, and nine hairpin turns on U.S. 40 separate Denver from... More

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Drawn to the Job

Gaze out the windows of William Swanson's office at Hoffrichter's West Side Lumber... More

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National Lumber Designer's Award-Winning Kitchen

Jessica Williamson, a designer with National Lumber's Kitchen Views Custom... More

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Entertain Your Way To Profits

"Rader's Edge" columnist Chris Rader believes more deals are done on the golf course and in a fishing boat than in an office. And the deals that are done in a more fun-filled setting are more likely to concern something other than price. Here's how to entertain your way to profits. More

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Reports Give Reason To Be Upbeat About Housing

A slew of reports from across the country suggest that, while housing construction itself hasn't revived, the economy at least is taking the needed preliminary steps in order for homebuilding to recover. More

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Yard Notables: Galveston Yard Owner Rebuilds After Hurricane Ike

Imagine returning to your lumberyard after a vacation in Europe to find your... More

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Miguel Pompa

Imagine returning to your lumberyard after a vacation in Europe and discovering... More

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