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Millard Lumber

Marilyn Monroe knew a thing or two about the ability of curves to attract attention. Millard Lumber harnessed that same attractive form to entice and direct customers through its showroom, and packed those curves with an alluring array of products for the home. There are more than 150 different product lines represented over nine categories. More

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Boyce Lumber

Boyce, general manager and co-owner of the Missoula, Mont., lumberyard along with his father Bob and brother Jack, did not come to the decision to build a showroom lightly. As the big box stores moved in and siphoned business from the traditional yards, Boyce Lumber built a drive-through facility in 2001 to compete. That helped, but the dealer was still just surviving, not really thriving. More

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Ferguson Enterprises

In a sea of choices, sometimes what you really need is a lifeline. For Ferguson... More

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Jackson Kitchen Designs

Lots of LBM showrooms are like a Norman Rockwell illustration: pretty to look at... More

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My Showroom: Worth Supply, Charlotte, N.C.

There's just 3,000 square feet for Worth Supply to show off its extensive... More

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My Showroom: Douglas Lumber, Smithfield, RI

When you're operating in the state with the nation's fourth-highest unemployment rate and the 19th worst foreclosure rate, it might seem to make sense for Douglas Lumber of Smithfield, R.I., to hunker down and wait for better times. But general manager Steve Rendine rejects that attitude, and he's using the continual improvement of his store's showroom displays as one way to fight back. More

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Show Offs

While the background of each showroom manager is as unique as his or her showroom,... More

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My Showroom: Jackson Kitchen Designs

The Jackson Kitchen Designs showroom in North Andover, Mass., measures 3,000 square feet, but an innovative storage system allows the staff to show more products than would usually fit in that amount of space. More

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