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IBS 2022: Rethinking How Cities Will Function After the Pandemic

Greg Lindsay discussed the future of how and where we will live during his 2022... More

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Why Single-Family Builders Are Dipping Into the Rental Market

Growing demand in the single-family built-for-rent sector has builders starting to... More

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How Rent Control Policies Could Impact the Single-Family Market

Often thought of in relation to multifamily, rent control holds potential to... More

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Six Industry Trends That Will Shape 2020 and the New Decade

Builders, remodelers, manufacturers, and market watchers share their predictions... More

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Harvard Report: Higher-Income Households Driving Rental Demand

Renter affordability crisis climbs the income ladder, affecting more Americans. More

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Rent Vs. Buy Tilts a Bit More Toward Buy

Still, renting is cheaper in 84% of metros. More

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Will Rent Control Policies Help the Housing Market?

History shows that rent control does not positively impact housing, according to... More

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Single-Family Built-To-Rent Communities Meet a New Range of Renter Needs

How detached units in multifamily-style managed communities—including NexMetro’s... More

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Home, Rent Values Both Rose in June

The typical U.S. home is worth $227,700, up slightly from May after... More

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