Modular Building

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Modular Builder Dvele Is Using Automation to Drive Home-Building Innovation

The San Diego-based company’s data-driven, robotic process can also be an... More

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Freedonia Group: Demand for Modular Housing to Grow 5% Annually Through 2024

Interest in modular housing is expected to grow at the expense of manufactured... More

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Prefab House? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Prefab home manufacturers bill their houses as cheaper, more sustainable, and... More

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Construction Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

Virtual reality and augmented reality, modular construction, and robots could play... More

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Katerra Closes Shop in Arizona

The modular building firm is closing a factory and laying off 200 workers. More

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Katerra’s Mistaken Identity

Just because a big company stumbles, don’t expect it to collapse. More

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Builders Are Evolving … Slowly. Your Task Is to Evolve Faster

New systems and motivations are creating customers who don’t need what you... More

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