Green Standards

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Changes to Prop 65 Distress CA Dealers

New language could have knock-on effects nationwide More

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USGBC's Pilot Test Renews Tussle Over Which Lumber Qualifies for Green Building Programs

SFI, ATFS, and PEFC-certified wood all could join FSC in qualifying for LEED points More

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Group Pans 'Greenwashing' of Green Globes

Greenwash Action asks Green Building Initiative to strengthen its Green Globes... More

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GSA Chooses LEED and Green Globes

After months of study, the GSA recommends the federal government continue to use LEED, but also recommends using Green Globes as well. More

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Exploring ultra-efficient home design

A South Carolina dealer sponsors sustainable design course. More

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Managing Storm Water Runoff Through Low Impact Development

Communities across the country are requring developers to use Low Impact... More

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Build It Right: Practical Green

Building a durable, efficient home isn't brain surgery. It's just a lot of good,... More

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Key Fed Agency Backs 2 Cert Systems Besides LEED

Dealers frustrated by government agencies' seeming enchantment with the LEED green certification system have reason to relax. More

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