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Just Say ‘Go’: How to Deal with a Nice Person Who Is Not the Right Person

Address the problem promptly to prevent wasted time and energy. More

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The Top Lumberyard Employee Gripes of the Year

What a recruiter can tell you about your staff that you might not know More

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How To Avoid Bad Firing Decisions

Anytime you gather a group of managers together, the conversation usually evolves to bad hiring decisions everyone has made at some point in their career. You know, the employees who later turned out to be drug addicts, thieves, liars, cheats, and traitors. However, I think a new discussion needs to begin on the bad firing decisions managers make, because in this economic turndown I'm seeing a slew of bad firing decisions. A bad firing decision is probably just as costly as a bad hiring decision, if you really look at the effect it has on your business. More

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USG To Cut Staff, Reduce Costs

USG Corp., the drywall maker and distributor that has racked up $284 million in net losses through the first nine months of this year, revealed in an SEC filing it will take steps to save $22 million to $28 million annually through job cuts and other cost reductions. More

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Jim Sobeck's Layoff Tips

Jim Sobeck, president of New South Construction Supply in South Carolina, never likes to lay off people but knows it can be necessary to the company's success--even its survival. There's a right and a wrong way to do layoffs, Sobeck says. Here are his tips on how to do it right. More

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Striking IL Teamsters Settle With ProBuild

Teamsters union members who have been on strike at two Chicago area ProBuild facilities since July 28 voted to accept a settlement with the LBM giant and return to work. The vote came four days after ProBuild announced it would consolidate one of the two yards as well as close a nearby component manufacturing facility. More

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ProBuild To Merge 2 IL Yards Hit By Strike, Shut IL Components Plant

ProBuild announced tonight it will consolidate its Wheaton and Yorkville, Ill., operations--the two yards where Teamsters have been on strike since July 28--and will close its Hampshire, Ill, component manufacturing facility effective Sept. 30. More

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Relief Pitch

"Why does Nick get a commission?" Tony, one of our truck drivers, asked me years ago. More

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Future Shock

We asked contributing columnist Tad Troilo to reveal who will be among those on the PS20 in 2029. Check back in 20 years to see if he's right. More

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Check Mate

"I know my account is overdue," Rick told me on the phone before I even said hello. "But I can't pay you yet." "Why not?" I asked. "Because one of my customers can't pay me yet," he explained. More

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