Customer Satisfaction

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Four Essential Tenets for Great Customer Service

When implemented well, these business beliefs will foster great customer... More

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The Gap Trap: Who's Your Customer? She May Not Be Where You're Looking

Explore this heat-map of how housing's fastest-growing buyer segment--single women... More

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Survey: Budget Is the Biggest Worry and Source of Frustration for Remodelers

A survey by Hausera also found client satisfaction is one of the most rewarding... More

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IBS 2020: Communication, Fun, and Cohesion Create Strong Culture

Strong culture creates more motivated teams, drives better customer experience,... More

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IBS 2020: To Build Your Brand You Must Understand Your Customer

Answering your company’s “because” can help inform marketing initiatives and spur... More

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So You Can Talk, But Listening Is Key for Sales

Being inquisitive, listening more than talking, and focusing on your prospect's or... More

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IBS 2019: Customers Increasingly Expect Disruption of the Normal Experience

Altering a few elements of customers’ experiences, such as website usability or... More

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Amazon, Home Depot, and You

Builder magazine's editorial director explains why all of us are in the... More

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