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Thea's Mailbag: Use These Debt-Repayment Methods to Claw Back Money Due You

And don’t worry: None of them constitute “collusion.” More

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Thea’s Mailbag: Should You Care if a Customer Changes Its Name a Tiny Bit?

Yes! It'll make a giant difference when you try to collect. More

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Thea’s Mailbag: What's the Best Way to Rank Customers?

There's no common practice, our credit guru says. Whatever system you adopt, make... More

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BlueTarp Index Keeps Rising, But Jitters Continue

Underlying economic factors keep improving. More

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Thea's Mailbag: Tricks for Dealing With Reps Who Spout BS

Sales reps are an integral part of your business, but when they don't understand... More

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Thea's Mailbag; Should You Issue That Promissory Note?

There's more work attached to issuing a note than you think More

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Thea's Mailbag: Soothe Your Customers' Fear of the Joint Check

Joint checks often get a bad rep, but they can help protect both your customer and... More

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Thea's Mailbag: Busting Myths About FEMA

Here's what you need to know if customers tell you they're on a FEMA "priority list." More

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