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Managing Construction During Coronavirus

In this new uncertain environment, project owners should proactively manage... More

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The Implications of COVID-19 for Home Improvement Contracts

Remodelers are likely to face numerous legal issues because of the current global... More

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Beware: Today's Construction Contracts Can Cripple Your Business

Builders are adding provisions designed to help them avoid paying you, columnist... More

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ProSales Asks: Are You Bedeviled by 'Pay When Paid' Clauses?

We hear their use is rising and want to help fellow dealers and distributors fight... More

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How to Avoid Signing Your Profits Away on Installed Sales Deals

First rule: Pay more attention to contracts than you’ve ever imagined More

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Talk Profit, not Price, To Win Builders' Business

Stop falling victim to price negotiations. If you want to enhance your margins and upsell you need to shift towards helping your customers make money. You need to start proposing and stop bidding. More

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The Mills Were Far from Evil

The recent price spike in the OSB markets has been blamed on greedy, sinister and evil OSB mills, Mentor Lumber's Floyd Fishleigh notes. But he believes the price spike had a lot more to do with building material dealers' actions then any recent actions by the OSB mills. More

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Houston-Based Truss Maker To Close

Scholl Truss and Component Co. (STACC), a six-year-old Houston-based manufacturer of wall panels, roof trusses, and floor trusses, will close sometime in October once it fulfills its current contracts. A company official said the downturn in multifamily construction led to the decision. More

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BMHC Gets Court OK to Continue Operating

Following Wednesday's court order, the Boise, Idaho dealer and construction services provider can continue to meet its obligations to customers, including the fulfillment of contracts and honoring warranties, while meeting its obligations to suppliers, employees, and subcontractors. More

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