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Company Size Impacts Compensation and Benefits

Dealers with more than $10 million in sales in Michigan and Indiana are more... More

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Tennessee Construction Company Ordered to Pay Over $500K in Back Wages and Damages

An investigation by the U. S. Department of Labor found Copperhead Construction... More

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Thea's Mailbag: Reader Suggestions on the Credit Manager Compensation Program Dilemma

After a call for responses earlier this year, Thea has sifted through your... More

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Thea's Mailbag: What Would a Compensation Program Look Like for Credit Managers?

Commissions programs for credit managers are tricky and hard to do successfully,... More

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UFPI Q1 Net Earnings Up 41%

Net sales up over 14% From Q1 in 2014 More

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Lowe's to Pay Record $500K Penalty for Subs' Lead Paint Violations

EPA cites job practice and recordkeeping infractions by contractors that Lowe's uses. More

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Huttig Building Products Gains in Q4, Full Year Earnings

The newly-public distributor gains in Q4 and full year earnings. More

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Weyerhaeuser Reports $540 million in Net Earnings for 2013

Weyerhaeuser reports full-year 2013 net earnings of $540 million on $8.5 billion in net sales. More

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CA Judge Orders 3 Firms to Pay $1.1Billion for Lead-Paint Abatement

A Dec. 16 ruling in a 13-year-old California lawsuit marks major shift in lead-paint decisions. More

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