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Green Goods: Countdown to Quality

Even so, we need to get away from the idea that a green home is just about the... More

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BMHC Posts $104 Million 4Q Loss

Building Materials Holding Corp. reported in preliminary results a net loss of $104 million in the fourth quarter, pushing its net loss for all 2008 to $215 million. More

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Huttig Records $15.3 Million 4Q Loss

Huttig Building Products posted a $15.3 million net loss from continuing operations in the fourth quarter of 2008, triple its loss in the year-earlier period, while its loss for the full year quadrupled to $35.2 million from $8 million in 2007. More

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Zero-VOC Paints

Since the Clean Air Act became law in 1970, it has been used to regulate the... More

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Systems Approach

The trusses and wall panels you make, buy, sell, and perhaps install today likely... More

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New Tools, Old Rules

I know it's not football season and there may be people in New England who don't... More

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Review and Renew

I have a mantra that salespeople should implant into their consciousness: if you want to be a great leader, catch people doing things right. If you want to be a great performer, catch yourself doing things wrong. More

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Little Big Man

This is budgeting season for LBM dealers, and by now it's clear that next year's plans should avoid any expectation that home building will recover before October 2008. Between now and then, tough times will require tough decisions. "We're about to see," one veteran observer told me, "which dealers really have the means to survive and which that we thought had money are going to have to sell." More

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