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ICC Tentatively Disapproves Controversial Proposal Barring Use of Fire-Retardant Wood in Certain Structures

NAHB, American Wood Council among groups that cried out against the idea More

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Home Builders Seek to Influence Fast-Growing ‘Resiliency’ Initiatives

New label for hurricane areas launched; NAHB resolution preps itself to respond to the movement More

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Keep Warm (or Cool) with New Insulation Products

Sarah Humphreys explores a variety of new insulation products on the market. More

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New Frontiers in Wood

Recent wood research promises tremendous benefits for a variety of industries including medical science, solar, and automobilies. The research also provides increased opportunities for engineered wood as a building material. More

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Are Building Codes Revised Too Often?

Pennsylvania is the latest state to take up this debate, but the question is national in scope. More

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Why Aren't Tornado Shelters More Widely Used?

Due in part to their high cost as well as to a building code that doesn't require them, public and private tornado shelters are in short supply in Moore, Okla. Builder magazine looks at different kinds of in-home shelters and talks with industry experts about what this week's storm could mean for local builders and code officials. More

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Trends in Deck Rails

With so many decking products to choose from, it's no surprise that customers are pursuing new design options, but code requirements and standards may limit just what can and can't be built. More

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CLTs Approved For 2015 Int'l Building Code

The American Wood Council Monday announced that cross-laminated timbers (CLTs) were approved by the International Code Council for inclusion in the heavy timber construction classification of the 2015 International Building Code. More

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New Building Materials That Help Fight Fire

Several new building codes have led to the unveiling of new fire-retardant... More

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