LBM merchants love asking about add-ons. After all, what self-respecting lumberyard or building materials distributor doesn’t ask about drywall screws, tape, or compound with drywall orders?

Or roofing nails, flashing, and liner with shingle orders?

Training staff to ask about installation materials is sales magic, multiplying dollars and margins. Plus it helps deepen customer relationships, positioning you as the trusted one-stop supplier.

Missed Opportunity?
Yet some say LBM professionals aren’t asking the question enough. Evidence suggests money is left on the table across a surprising range of residential building materials.

Consider custom and stock entry doors, for example.

When is the last time your staff offered code-compliant sealant, spray foam, flashing tape, shims, sill pans, among other items, to the order?

Callback Issues
Today few, if any, entry door manufacturers include installation material. Remodelers and replacement contractors usually rely on what’s in the truck. You know what that means: Doors aren’t installed with the right materials, exposing you to possible callback issues. Or, the contractor finds replacement material like caulk or foam at whatever competitor happens to be near the jobsite.

Doesn’t it make sense for everyone involved to just bundle-up the installation materials in one neat, tidy SKU? Imagine the result for:

  • Pro Dealers. Fewer worries about improper door installation or not meeting IRC 2018 703.4.1.1 standards. No messing with time-consuming stock picks and invoicing multiple SKUs. Gaining additional material sales. Positioning your operation as a one-stop solution for exterior door replacement.
  • Remodelers & Replacement Door Contractors/Installers. No installation material worries. No need to store needed materials in the truck, or concern the proper materials are handy. No running around when supplies are low or missing.

Dealer-Friendly Solution
The good news is, at least one manufacturer is on the case. Recently it was announced exterior door installation kits for single doors and double doors in a variety of jamb sizes were now available nationwide as a stocking item.

BUILDER, REMODELING, and a number of other industry trade journals have already featured the new system, called the DAP QuickKit.

If the idea of offering even more service and value to your customers on exterior replacement door sales makes sense to you, ask “How about an installation kit with that door?” on their next order.

See QuickKit online at