It’s tough to find a pre-hung door shop or entry door manufacturer that doesn’t offer 8-foot 0-inch options today. Perhaps you’ve seen an uptick in tall entry door sales in recent years as more home builders pivot to luxury styling. And what says high-end design better than an 8-foot entry door?

That taller size also presents a potential performance issue, namely door slab warping, bowing, and twisting. Increased height exposes structural vulnerabilities at the sill and header area of the strike stile. A single mid-rail lock is insufficient for full-length weather sealing. That can result in door deformities from wind, moisture, and temperature extremes.

It’s an issue most pre-hung door manufacturers address through warranty exclusions or limitations. Others mandate hardware amendments like four hinges and a multi-point lock system to better hold the door square across all points.

One pre-hung door manufacturer in the upper Midwest uses a performance-certified hardware solution to confidently warrant their entry doors for up to 25 years. It’s an obvious sales advantage for Bayer Build Woodworks’ eight-state distribution network.

Why Risk It?

“You’re at risk without a multi-point lock system on an 8-foot entry door,” explains Steven Bayer. The Bayer family owns and operates the 40-year-old company, a manufacturer and distributor of pre-hung wood, fiberglass, and steel entry door systems.

“If a homeowner says no to a multi-point, any warping, twisting, or bowing issue is on them,” Bayer says. “There are far fewer entry door callbacks when a multi-point is installed.”

Bayer knows multi-point locks once had a negative reputation over cost, installation and maintenance, and handset design limitations. Those days are over thanks to next-generation multi-point lock technology.

Breakthrough Innovation

He cites the Panolock+ Multi-Point Lock from Endura as the industry innovator. If you carry the Panolock+ system you already know how it helps transforms tall door value and performance with:

  • Security. “Three latch points beats one. It’s valuable extra security, especially for families,” advises Bayer. For example, impact/forced entry resistance is tested to grade 40 for the Panolock+ system.
  • Energy Savings. Three secure latches across the slab plane secure the door tight against the frame, sealing off outside heat and cold like no single lock can. Air infiltration and exfiltration is tested to A2 with Panolock+.
  • Home Design Flexibility. Electronic deadbolts? Off the shelf hardware? Knob, lever, or thumbpress handset? Bayer says the Panolock+ Multi-Point Lock is compatible with all the top hardware styles and brands, including Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek, Defiant, Reliabilt, among many others. No dedicated hardware required.

It’s time to offer home builders, GCs, installation contractors, and others a way to limit needless 8-foot entry door callbacks from warping, bowing, and twisting. Panolock+ Multi-Point Locks deliver a performance-certified edge contractors can count on.

Learn more about multi-point lock 8-footentry door resilience, security, energy savings, and design flexibility with Panolock+ Multi-Point Locks from Endura.