This article originally appeared on the TOOLS OF THE TRADE website.

As of last week, Hitachi Power Tools officially changed its name to Metabo HPT. With the name change, the company announced one of the biggest releases in cordless tool technology since the DeWalt FlexVolt wowed the industry back in 2016. This new technology seems similar on the surface, but it is far more versatile. Not only did Metabo HPT come out with a MultiVolt 36V/18V battery pack (available now) it is offering a wide range of 36V tools to go with it. Where things really take off, though, is that in addition to being fully cordless, these 36V tools can be run by an optional AC adapter instead.

Metabo HPT

The Battery First
The 36V/18V battery (372121M (BSL36B18) 36V/18V MultiVolt Lithium Ion Slide Battery (4.0Ah/8.0Ah) is comprised of 21700 cells (larger in comparison to the 18650 found in Hitachi’s 18V batteries) to deliver over 1440 Watts of power; the packs offer 4Ah in 36V tools and 8Ah in 18V tools. Yes, you read that right: the batteries will work in all of Metabo HPT (and, therefore, your existing Hitachi Power Tools) 18V tools. A single battery costs $100.

Metabo HPT

The AC Adapter
The DeWalt’s FlexVolt miter saw offers users the ability to run a cord or battery. Before now, it was the only tool out there that had this capacity. Metabo HPT has a wide range of tools available that can be plugged in using an optional AC Adapter ET36A 36V MultiVolt AC Adapter (you might think a few of them are a little odd to be used as a corded tool). Unlike the MultiVolt Battery, the AC adapter is not backwards compatible so it’ll only work on 36V tools. It is a 20-foot cord and inverter (which sites about 5 ft. from the plug end). As an accessory the adapter runs $150.

The New Tools
This MultiVolt battery platform runs a wide array of new 36V tools. The list belew includes the tool, and a price. When you purchase each of these tools you’ll have the choice to receive either the AC Adapter OR a Cordless Starter Kit (single MultiVolt Battery and Fast Chrager; Metabo HPT says that from November 1-December 31st of this year you will receive an extra 36V battery for free when you register the tool online).

The following tools are currently available or soon to be available: 36V Brushless 10” Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw ($620)
36V Brushless Hammer Drill ($360)
36V Brushless 7-1/4” Circular Saw ($360)
36V Brushless Recip Saw ($400)
36V Brushless SDS Max 1-9/16” Rotary Hammer ($750)
36V Brushless 4-1/2” Slide OR Paddle Switch Grinder (#360)
36V Brushless Triple Hammer Impact Driver ($380)
36V Brushless ¾” High-Torque Impact Wrench 812 ft-lbs ($500)
36V Brushless ½” High-Torque Impact Wrench 775 ft-lbs ($450)

Also announced but not yet available:36V 10” Table Saw (yes, 10”; price TBA, expected end of this year)
36V 7-1/4” Brushless dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw built in Japan. Expected release end of 2019. Price: about $1100.