This article originally appeared on the TOOLS OF THE TRADE website.

The BOSCH GAL18v160C Charger is probably the most advanced battery charger on the market. It has 5 charging modes: Standard, Power-Boost, Storage (charges up to 50% if battery will be stored for long periods), Long-Life (charges to 80% for constant use), and Transportation (charges to 30% to comply with flight rules). In Power-Boost mode it can charge an 8Ah battery from 0%-50% in 15 min and full charge in 30 minutes. It can charge a 4.0 Pack from 0%-50% in 9 minutes; full charge in just under 20 min. It’s Bluetooth-enabled so it works with Bosch’s app and can send alerts to let you know when the battery is at 80%. The app also has several other functions including monitoring the battery's health. It will charge all existing 18V Bosch batteries, though the 5 charging modes only work on the CORE battery line. It's expected to be available in early 2019 for approximately $150.