Fiskars has launched its new line of Pro Utility Knives with six distinct knife models designed for professionals, including knives specialized for painters and drywallers.

Each of the knives features a blade locking system designed to prevent accidental release with audio and visual locking cues. The blades’ proprietary CarbonMax coating is designed to keep the blade sharp 24 times longer than competitive blades, according to the manufacturer, and the grips are molded to provide comfort regardless of hand position.

The Fixed Utility Knife features a folding blade guard, which deploys with a button press, while the Folding Utility Knife includes a dual-locking system. The Fixed and Retractable Utility Knives have a five-blade storage capacity, and the Folding Utility Knife has a two-blade storage capacity.

The Painter’s Utility Knife is equipped with a five-gallon paint bucket opener and a #1 size flathead screwdriver bit. The Drywaller’s Utility Knife includes a jab saw in addition to the standard blade; both the blade and the saw deploy from the same end to prevent accidental deployment. Both knives have a two-blade storage capacity.

The 18mm and 25mm Snap-Off Utility Knife is designed for use with snap-off blades. An integrated segment snapper captures the used blades, and the blade changing mechanism is front-loaded with no loose parts.