Bosch GKT12-225 Plunge Saw

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Bosch gave a sneak peak at JLC Live New England of its new plunge saw, set to be released this September.

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Bosch will be joining the plunge saw (aka track saw) game in September with the GKT12-225. It was first released at JLC Live 2018 New England. The corded saw will be available as a tool only in an L-Stack case for $599 (a cordless version is reportedly in the works, and will run on a single battery; whether that battery will be the 18V Bosch Core or a new multi-volt platform yet to be released is pure speculation at this point). Tracks for the system will be available in five sizes ranging from 28 inches to 122 inches; also available will be an edge guide (to be used without the track), a router adapter for the tracks, and special router tracks that have pre-drilled holes for doing shelving holes. The saw will come with a 6.5-inch 48-tooth blade. It draws 12 amps and is variable speed with a working range of 3,600-6,250 rpm. The depth adjustment clearly differentiates between track depth and without-track depth. Stay tuned for more.