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The handiest new hand tools tackle a variety of jobsite challenges.

Ideal's Mag-Tape 25-foot measuring tape is designed for one-person measuring, with a magnetic tip that sticks to steel or iron surfaces, eliminating the need for a second person to hold the tape. The Mag-Tape's thick rubber boot provides a non-slip grip and a nylon-coated steel blade resists abrasion and rust. Blade graphics are oversized for increased readability. 800.435.0705.

The Sonic Tape, a distance-measuring device from AGL Lasersource can be used to determine length, width, and height and to compute area and volume. The tool has a range from 2 feet to 50 feet and an accuracy of 99.5 percent, according to the company. Ideal for checking dimensions and measuring inaccessible objects, the device uses a high-visibility red laser pointer to locate the reference surface. 800. 643.9696.

The QLT Panel Lifter, from Marshalltown's QLT by Marshalltown line of contractor-grade tools, is designed to help contractors lift all standard sizes of drywall sheets. Its lightweight, compact design allows it to be carried and stored easily, and it has a non-clogging rasp with protective guides. The tool also includes a built-in bottle opener in its handle. 800.987.6935.

Vaughan & Bushnell's BowJak provides a quick and simple solution for installing warped and crooked deck boards. Tapped in next to bowed or curved boards, the BowJak uses leverage from its pull handle to straighten the boards before they are secured. The tool can close gaps up to 2¼ inches wide, the maker says, and can be used horizontally, vertically, or overhead. 815.648.2446.

Kraft Tool's Easy Mixer Concrete Hoe is specially designed with a perforated head to create minimum splash with 50 percent less drag while mixing concrete in wheelbarrows, backhoe buckets, and other containers. Its patented perforated, forged head allows users to mix 60- to 90-pound bags of concrete in minutes, the maker says. 800.422.2448.

An ideal tool for scribing trim strips on many surfaces, the AccuScribe from FastCap makes it easy to maintain a consistent scribe offset while staying parallel to the object surface. The AccuScribe is constructed of heavy-duty polymer and its adjustable grip fits and locks a standard-sized pencil. When not in use, it folds to a more compact size. 888.443.3748.

The Quick-Grip Bar Clamp from Irwin is available in clutch-lock and passive-lock styles, which both feature an I-beam bar construction that reduces bowing and flexing at high clamping pressures. The clutch-lock Bar Clamp features large clutch plates that make positioning the workpiece easier, while the passive-locking Bar Clamp ensures minimal slippage for a secure hold. 800.464.7946.

Hand tools for a variety of purposes—including AGL Lasersource's Sonic Tape, Vaughan & Bushnell's BowJak, and Irwin's Quick-Grip bar clamp—help contractors tackle common jobsite challenges.