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Some of the newest hand tools are packed with details that will make them a valuable addition to a contractor's tool bag, including features that help speed up and improve work, increase durability and versatility, improve user comfort, and reduce fatigue.

Bon Tool's Bullet Groover has a mirror-finished blade that easily glides through concrete to create consistent, clean-cut grooves. The stainless steel groover is four times more wear-resistant than traditional bronze groovers, the manufacturer says. An ergonomically designed comfort grip or wood handle is available on the Bullet Groover, which comes in four bit sizes. 724.443.7080.

Three Vise-Grip GrooveLock pliers from Irwin feature a multi-groove ratcheting system to ensure a precise fit and better hand position. The tool's All-Purpose Jaw grips shapes from flat or round to hex or square. Molded anti-slip grips provide durability and comfort, and the pliers' anti-pinch design enhances safety. 800.464.7946.

Improved user comfort, greater durability, and versatility are key features of some of the newest hand tools.

Updated with features designed to improve productivity, Ridge Tool's Quick-Acting Tubing Cutters, models 151 through 156, now have a larger ergonomic knob design that allows users to apply more force to cut through tubing faster. A quick-change wheel pin allows cutter-wheel changes in a few seconds, and a spare wheel is housed at the end of the knob. 800.769.7743.

Three new FatMax Wrecking Bars from Stanley are forged from high-carbon steel and are powder-coated in yellow for visibility. Each of the wrecking bars incorporates a tri-lobe cross-section design that is engineered for strength and performance; all have the traditional goose-neck for increased leverage. FatMax Wrecking Bars come in 14-, 24-, and 36-inch sizes. 800.782.6539.

Lenox's cast iron and cast aluminum pipe wrenches feature heat-treated components for durability and hardened teeth for maximum torque. Cast iron pipe wrench handles have a wide I-beam handle design for a comfortable grip and even weight distribution. The cast aluminum pipe wrenches are 25–30 percent lighter than standard cast iron wrenches, the manufacturer says, helping to reduce user fatigue. 800.628.8810.

Fuller Tool's Wavex hammers from Johnson Level & Tool feature anti-vibration technology and an integrally molded ergonomic grip to protect users against repetitive stress injuries and fatigue. The Wavex line includes 16- and 20-ounce claw hammers, 22- and 28-ounce framing hammers, a 20-ounce ripping hammer, and several ball peen hammers. 262.242.1161.

Empire Level's True Blue series e70 levels, featuring the maker's True Blue vial and unique viewing system that enhances visibility, offer dual compound grips for ergonomic comfort and better one-handed stabilization. The E-Shock System dual-density end caps absorb shock and protect the level's body ends. 800.558.0722.

With blades and a frame that can be configured in four different ways, Cooper Hand Tools' Nicholson Pro Series 4-in-1 high-tension hacksaw allows users to make standard 90-degree cuts and 45-degree angle cuts, as well as low-profile cuts in tight spaces and inside cuts. The hacksaw's high-tension technology allows the blade to be tensioned up to 30,000 psi. 919.362.1670.

Equipped with Zircon's CenterVision and OneStep features, StudSensor i65 OneStep and i60 OneStep pinpoint the precise center of studs in one pass. The tools feature auto recalibration, auto depth sensing, AC wire warning, and the SpotLite Pointing System. The i65 has a backlit LCD display and the i60 has a nine-light LED display to indicate the edges and center of studs. 800.245.9265.