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Dealers hoping to upgrade their computer software have a new choice this fall: LBM Lift Off.

The system was created by John Askin Jr. and John Askin Sr., who have 45 years’ collective experience in LBM, particularly in warehouse management. It's adapted from a popular system called Fuse5 that's used in the automotive aftermarket.

John Jr. told PROSALES in a recent interview that LBM Lift Off beats other operations management systems in part because it enables groups in the supply chain to count and track goods in their preferred manner. For instance, a roofing customer thinks of shingles in terms of squares, while a warehouse manager counts them in bundles.

“You can put in the order the way the customer wants to see it, not how the warehouse wants to do the math,” he says.

Screenshot of an LBM Lift Off page
Courtesy LBM Lift Off Screenshot of a configurable LBM Lift Off page

LBM Lift Off's creators took care to note that their system is truly cloud-based and not just a single server that's located offsite but still has all the limitations that might have been present when the server was in the dealer's office. The totally cloud-based system enables users to have as detailed a product field as they want, as well as be able to insert options that make sense to them, such as sorting roofing by color.

LBM Lift Off can be accessed and managed using any internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets, John Jr. says. The system's price is based on the volume of work done over the system, not the number of users.

The system is being tested at several dealers now. For details, go to