Dealers looking for a way to compete with their big-box competition will be interested in Epicor's newest software release, Eagle N Series. Promoted as a significant update to the popular Eagle platform, Eagle N Series offers more integrated features that allow business owners to capitalize on their innate sense of customer service by combining it with business management technology that only the largest retailers could afford up to now.

"In retail, there is no such thing as a crystal ball, but Epicor N Series is close to one," says Craig McCollum, Epicor's executive vice president and general manager of retail distribution solutions. Many of the software's newest features help retailers make decisions based on consumer behavior and built-in analytics. For example, analytics tools can give dealers a better understanding of what items are most likely to sell based on forecasting, sales history, and product demand, and can help optimize those sales by ordering in the right quantities and pricing items accurately.

Complex processes are also simplified throughout the software. The decision to change an item price, for instance, can bring up questions about what exceptions there may be to the price change, and how to communicate the new price to customers. Eagle N Series is designed to help users complete a time-consuming price change in just three clicks, and to maneuver through any process in as few steps as possible. For even more streamlined functionality, users can place their most frequently used tools on a ribbon menu in the program for quick access.

Getting started with Eagle is also made easier with N Series. The software is built on Microsoft .NET technology architecture so it mimic the familiar layout of Microsoft Office programs. The framework will also allow Epicor to easily roll out updates and enhancements down the line. Within the program, training and support are just a click away in the integrated Support Bar. Users can take advantage of online help, on-demand training, an advice chat line, and the Eagle Community Assistance forums to share questions, ideas, and best practices.

Representatives from Epicor say dealers with a mostly pro clientele or a focus on installed sales, manufacturing, or distribution may have better luck with the company's BisTrack software. That said, Eagle N Series is ideal for dealers that conduct a significant amount of business with retail customers, and also has capabilities to manage multi-location operations. For more details on Eagle N Series software, register for Epicor's walk-through webinar on Sept. 11 at 10 a.m. PST.