From wood to PVC, siding categories flaunt new offerings, expanded product lines, and improvements over past products. Here is a selection.

CLAD TIDINGS: Clockwise from left, Owens Corning's ProStone stone veneer siding has many combinations of color and texture; Microposite's siding promises shadow lines and no-repeat grain patterns; Shakertown's cedar shingle panels have grooves that channel moisture away from the wall. Specially placed grooves in Shakertown's Craftsman one-course cedar shingle panels let water flow both horizontally and vertically, channeling moisture away from the wall and down to the ground, the maker says. The Western red cedar shingles feature concealed nailing and self-leveling design. They come 8 feet long and natural, primed, or pre-finished with a semitransparent oil stain in one of four colors. 800.426.8970.

LP Building Products' SmartSide engineered siding has expanded to include 115 products and a 50-year limited warranty. Offerings include cedar shakes and colonial beaded lap. SmartSide is made from 100% SFI-certified wood and is treated to resist rot, termites, and mold. 888.820.0325.

Structural Siding by Tecton is made of pultruted fiberglass, which are continuous lengths of fiberglass reinforced with plastic. The siding features an integrated water management system and snap-in installation. It resists condensation and will not split or buckle with temperature changes, the maker says. 701.277.4600.

Microposite combines Perlite, a volcanic glass, with resins to create its new siding. The product has shadow lines, no-repeat grain patterns, and a 7/16-inch thickness. Its closed-cell technology makes it water resistant, as well as resistant to buckling and warping, the maker says. 248.724.1000.

Eldorado Stone's RoughCut stone veneer mimics limestone with embedded artifacts and a roughly cleaved surface. The profile comes in three colors that include swatches of gold, brown, rust, or gray. Stones range from 1-1/2 to 11 inches wide and 2 to 18 inches long. 800.925.1491.

ProStone stone veneer from Owens Corning comes in more than a dozen color and texture combinations. The veneer can be used in residential, commercial, and multifamily applications. It complies with major building codes, including AC-51, and is backed with a 25-year warranty. 800.438.7465.

American Original Building Products now has a line of shake and scallop siding made from molded polypropylene. It features randomly detailed grain and a longer, single-course structure to eliminate pattern repeats. The product installs with a continuous lock system and comes in four styles and 14 colors. It resists winds of more than 200 mph. 330.786.3000.

CertainTeed's Cedar Impressions polymer shake siding now includes a Double 7-inch Staggered shingle. Emulating the look of rugged, hand-sawn cedar shingles, the product comes in 25 colors, including dark colors new to the Impressions line. In total, the line has six styles. 800.233.8990.

Milled from solid PVC, NuCedar Mill's Classic Beaded Weatherboard features a wide clapboard face with a bead at the base of the panel. It has historically correct dimensions–a 7/16-inch profile and a 6-1/2-inch exposure. The product comes with a lifetime warranty, resists insects and moisture, and will not rot, warp, or decay, the maker says. The clapboard comes with a factory-applied, baked-on finish that is available in 22 standard colors and 1,400 custom colors that match the Sherwin-Williams Duration paint line. 866.393.8883.

–Victoria Markovitz