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Composite trims, which may be either wood/plastic, cellular PVC, polyurethane, or vinyl, come in several different material formulations, weights, dimensions, and textures, but they all claim better performance than wood exterior trim, manufacturers say. Here are some of the newest composite trim products.

Measuring 16 inches wide, MiraTec Treated Exterior Composite Trim is now available in a 5/4-inch thickness. The trimboards are made of wood bonded with resins and treated with zinc borate wood preservative, ensuring rot and moisture resistance. MiraTec trimboards are factory primed on all four sides and feature a cedar-like texture on one face and a smooth finish on the other. 800.255.0785.

Manufactured from cellular PVC, Trimplank trimboards from Royal Mouldings can be used for both exterior and interior trim applications. Trimplank will not rot, warp, twist, dent, or splinter and is resistant to termites. Available in 18-foot lengths and factory primed, the trim-boards come in smooth, wood-grain, or stucco textures.

MoistureShield composite trims from AERT are manufactured from a blend of 50 percent recycled polyethylene plastics and 50 percent recycled wood fiber. The trims will not rot, crack, split, check, or absorb moisture; are dimensionally stable; and resist termites. MoistureShield comes in trimboards, backband trims, brick molds, universal transition boards, and tongue-and-groove CornerLoc boards. 800.951.5117.

Universal Forest Products' TechTrim Corner Mould, made from a cellular polymer, features a tongue-and-groove joint system that snaps together to form a corner. The reversible boards are smooth on one side, wood-grain textured on the other. The Corner Mould comes in several widths and lengths. 877.463.8379.

New from Azek, Frontier Cornerboards, made of cellular PVC, feature a rustic wood texture and come ready to install, the maker says. The 5/4-inch-thick Cornerboards come prefinished and are available in two widths and 10- and 20-foot lengths. Cornerboards will not twist, cup, or warp, says the maker. 877.275.2935.

Cellular PVC foam boards and sheets from Fypon have a density comparable to white pine, the maker says, but will not decay, cup, swell, split, or delaminate. The products' white color is molded throughout, allowing the boards and sheets to be fabricated in the field. The boards and sheets come with a smooth surface on both sides, or reversible with one smooth side and one wood-grain textured side. 800.

Royal Wood Crown Molding and Door Jambs are made from a solid core of wood flour and resins co-extruded with a non-PVC polymer cap for a fade-resistant color finish. The crown molding comes in two thicknesses and widths, both 16 feet long; door jambs come in two sizes. Seven colors are available, including dark green. 866.

Crane Products' PermaChoice Solid Trim Board has a rigid PVC exterior laminated to a rigid PVC foam core. Resistant to rot, decay, warping, splitting, and termites, the trimboards feature an exterior wood-grain surface and a smooth back side. Two lengths and five colors are available. 888.923.8799.

In addition to rot and warp resistance, many of the newest composite trims boast reversible surfaces and easy installation.