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Manufacturers continue to improve their roofing lines by introducing products that boast enhanced features, such as higher wind resistance and wider nailing areas; provide a better architectural appearance; are treated to resist insects; and more realistically emulate natural materials.

Made from a fire-resistant composite material, Lamarite Slate Composite Shingles from Tamko evoke the textures and contours of slate but are lighter in weight and require less maintenance. The shingles feature two nailing locations on each shingle, as well as indicator marks that allow exposures of 7 or 8 inches to be created. Lamarite shingles come in four colors.800.641.4691.

Owens Corning's Woodcrest and Woodmoor profile-cut, heavyweight shingles have a thick, rugged appearance and are ideal for complementing Western or traditional architectural styles. They can be installed from left to right or right to left and have additional offset options so installers can position them in any variation. Woodmoor shingles have a 110-mph wind-resistance limited warranty and Woodcrest shingles have a 90-mph wind-resistance limited warranty. 800.438.7465.

Featuring GAF's Super-Heavyweight Plus construction, Camelot Premium Designer Shingles weigh in at approximately 460 pounds per square and are sealed by a double row of Dura Grip adhesive to reduce the risk of blow-offs. The shingles are warranted to withstand winds up to 110 mph and come in a 17-inch-by-40-inch size. Camelot shingles are available in six colors. 973.628.3000.

With components designed to complement one another, The Complete Elk Roof delivers an integrated look along with wind and moisture protection. The extended line of steep-slope roofing products combines Elk's Prestique High Definition premium laminated shingles with the All-Climate Self-Adhering Underlayment, the Versa-Shield underlayment, Elk Starter Strip, HighPoint shingle-over ridge vents or RidgeCrest shingled ridge vents, and accessory spray paints. 800.354.7732.

CertainTeed's Landmark WideTrack QB features a wider 11/2-inch nailing area that makes it easier for installers to apply shingles correctly and avoid misapplied fasteners. The two-piece shingles are held together by Quadra-Bond adhesive; sealant strips along the shingle back—rather than the front—prevent nail guns from gumming up.

Designed to augment the Old World appearance of its Barcelona concrete roof tile, MonierLifetile's Boosted Barcelona is a decorative cap tile that installs on top of Barcelona tiles. The mortar-boosted cap tiles can be installed randomly to further enhance the look of a two-piece boosted clay tile. Barcelona and Boosted Barcelona roof tiles come in a range of colors and blends. 800.571.8453.

Georgia-Pacific's Centura Plus steel shingles, constructed of lightweight Galvalume steel, feature a smooth surface that sheds snow easily and a DuPont Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride coating that protects the finish from fading and cracking. The shingles can be installed directly over existing asphalt roofs and have a Class B fire rating. Centura Plus shingles come in seven colors. 800.284.5347.

LifePine's Nature Wood Southern yellow pine pressure-treated shakes and shingles now offer an alternative chemical treatment to CCA-treated shakes and shingles: alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ). Nature Wood shakes and shingles are treated to prevent rot and decay and to resist termites. The products carry 50- and 30-year limited warranties. 843.672.6135.

Roofing shingles keep improving with more architectural profiles, higher wind ratings, and easier installation. Photo: GAF