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Some of the newest roofing products offer performance features such as energy efficiency, wind and impact resistance, and improved installation details.

Oakridge Pro Series asphalt shingles from Owens Corning now incorporate SureNail Technology, a wider and more clearly defined nailing area designed to improve and speed installation. Also, the SureNail strip's placement on the shingle eliminates humps and “fish mouths” after installation, creating a flatter surface, the company says. The maker's sealant grips the SureNail strip to help double the bond strength of previous Oakridge shingles and provide for higher wind ratings. 800.438.7465.

Atlas Roofing's StormMaster Pro-Cut Hip & Ridge roof trim for asphalt shingle roofs features a shadow line that matches the maker's field shingles and a 5 ?-inch exposure that matches popular metric-sized laminate shingles. To minimize waste and provide consistency throughout the application, Pro-Cut Hip & Ridge is pre-cut on a taper, eliminating hand trimming on the roof. The fiberglass-reinforced modified asphalt shingle has a Class 4 impact rating. 770.933.4479.

Talavara granular-coated metal roofing panels from Dura-Loc replicate the appearance of a clay roofing tile with the repeating design of a slim barrel and wide flat section, which also makes it easy and safe to walk on the surface during installation and repair work. The lightweight, Class A fire-resistant and Class 4 impact-resistant panels are designed for installation directly to roof deck materials or on battens. Several colors are available. 800.265.9357.

Manufacturers continue to introduce roofing products in a variety of materials that offer increased storm performance ratings, energy-efficient coatings, or features that ease and speed installation.

Met-Tile's Cool Roof line of roofing panels utilizes 10 designer colors with solar reflectivity values that meet or exceed Energy Star requirements to lower the temperature of roof surfaces and the attics below, reducing cooling loads and saving energy. Met-Tile panels offer the appearance of concrete or clay roofing tiles in several styles and weigh only 1.25 pounds per square foot. The panels also offer a wind rating of 230 mph and a Class 4 impact-resistance rating. 800.899.0311.

GAF's Camelot Premium Designer Shingle is available in two new colors: Florida blend and San Gabriel blend. The 17-inch-by-34½-inch size and 7½-inch exposure help speed installation. Camelot weighs 460 pounds per square and features the maker's SuperHeavyweight Plus construction. A double row of adhesive seals each shingle tightly to reduce the risk of blow-offs. Class A fire-rated Camelot shingles are wind resistant up to 110 mph. 973.628.3000.

Designed to install without nails and reduce material waste, Elk Slate Products' TruSlate 2.0 roofing system includes a high-density polyethylene interlayer, a batten system with stainless steel hangers, and real slate shingles. TruSlate's headlap is made from a lightweight, synthetic material, reducing the weight on the roof, but the visible portions are real slate. The spring-hardened stainless steel hangers allow for easy installation and are powder-coated to match the slate color, the maker says. 888.355.5882.

Gerard Roofing Technologies' Barrel Vault Tile panels, designed to replicate the look of Spanish tile roofs, are constructed from 26-gauge Galvalume steel and are coated with an acrylic resin basecoat and natural stone granules. Barrel Vault Tile roofing will not crack, break, or flake, the maker says, and weighs just 1.5 pounds per square foot. The Class 4 impact-resistant panels come with a 120 mph wind warranty. 800.237.6637.

The standing seam metal Titan Cool Roof, featuring BASF's Ultra-Cool coating, has been shown through independent testing to reduce the amount of heat penetrating a home's attic by as much as 36%, according to the manufacturer, Custom-Bilt Metals. Titan Cool Roof coatings provide minimum solar reflectance of 25%; lighter colors can provide up to 60% solar reflectance. 800.826.7813.