The current global health crisis impacts everyone. In addition to the usual workload, building-supply professionals now face staffing issues; new physical distancing, cleaning and sanitation protocols; and plans for how to handle a possible outbreak within your team.

Between dealers’ robust workload and the increased demands of the pandemic, they don’t have time for contractor callbacks, unhappy customers or unhelpful partners. Relying on quality is always the right decision. This includes choosing the right, high quality manufacturing and distribution partners.

Here’s what to look for when selecting the highest quality partners.

1. Certifications and Endorsements

Look for third-party, application-specific testing and certifications, such as technical evaluation reports (TERs) from well-respected and credentialed certifiers. TERs are sought by contractors because they give confidence to code officials that a product, process or service fulfills specified requirements.

John Welsh

For example, SPAX Engineered Fasteners can instill confidence by providing third-party testing and certification. SPAX Engineered Fasteners provide application information right on the packaging and on the SPAX website, so when the inspector shows up, contractors have all the information needed to show code compliance.

All SPAX PowerLags are comprehensively tested to ensure only the highest quality engineered fasteners make it to market. In addition, 5/16-inch SPAX PowerLags are third-party tested and backed by technical evaluation reports and accreditation from DrJ Engineering, LLC, (DrJ TER No. 1802-03 Multi-Ply (LVL Beams and Girder Truss); DrJ TER No. 1711-01 (Deck Ledger Attachment).

2. Made in the USA

Anecdotal evidence shows contractors often reach for products manufactured in the U.S. This is not just patriotic pride – contractors opt for high-quality products and feel U.S.-made products are less likely to fail because they are made with the best American manufacturing processes.

Domestic products are also more likely to be available without interruptions in supply - and with pricing that is less volatile and more consistent over time.

In the fastener category, SPAX excels at cultivating contractor loyalty through American-made quality. SPAX Engineered Fasteners are made in Bryan, Ohio using American manufacturing consistency and best practices.

3. Dealer Support Programs

Expect strong dealer support. Thanks to local stock, American manufacturing and agile production lines, SPAX Engineered Fasteners secure faster deliveries and fewer inventory issues. SPAX team members prioritize custom solutions, strong customer relationships and service – which means fast responses and personalized support for dealers.

Dealers also want a partner who provides a versatile, comprehensive product offering. For example, SPAX Engineered Fasteners offer the largest variety of lag screw diameters, lengths and head styles in the industry to help get the best possible results on any project. Carrying a wider variety of sizes – four rather than just the standard two offered by competitors. This allows dealers to eliminate inferior options and streamline inventory.

Especially in these uncertain times, err on the side of quality. Seek partners who focus on quality in order to achieve greater peace of mind.