We're coming out of the busiest time of year for introducing new products and deciding which should be on your shelves, and this season certainly didn't disappoint. After a recession-induced slowdown in product rollouts, the flurry of new goods we saw displayed at the International Builders' Show signaled that companies are ready to advance thescience of homebuilding with products that are cheaper, greener, and more targeted to contractors' specific needs. Similarly, our Editors' Choice awards showcase–highlighting the best products introduced in the past year–abounds in innovative yet practical thinking. Now it's your turn to decide which products should go on display in your yard. And to help in that process, we lead off this special report with advice on the best ways to pick and then sell new products.

Pump Up the Volume

Cheaper, Greener, More Focused

International Builders' Show Hot Finds (Slide Show)

Editors' Choice