This article originally appeared on the BUILDER website.

Icynene-Lapolla’s newest insulation product, the Lapolla FOAM-LOK 750 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, aims to meet the insulation needs of high-performance homes, as well as strict building and energy efficiency codes.

The spray foam achieves R-22 in 2x6 wall assemblies, and is air impermeable, with a 0.75-pound core density. It also achieves a more controllable rise during application, according to the manufacturer, with no need to spend time trimming or cleaning up the application site.

“We expect Lapolla FOAM-LOK 750 to be well received among builders and contractors seeking an insulation solution for new homes designed specifically to enhance energy conservation and savings,” says Doug Kramer, president & CEO of Icynene-Lapolla. “Not only is energy efficiency top-of-mind with homeowners and buyers today, but building codes increasingly demand better energy solutions. FOAM-LOK 750 is one such solution.”

The FOAM-LOK 750 is designed to maintain a continuous air seal, even after seasonal expansion and contraction, and offers sound control and noise reduction. “While energy performance remains a key selling point for this product,” Kramer says, “the numerous additional benefits such as sound attenuation and reduced contractor application time are also major benefits not to be ignored.” lapolla.com