The M18 & M12 Super Charger by Milwaukee Tool.
Milwaukee Tool The M18 & M12 Super Charger by Milwaukee Tool.

Milwaukee Tool has extended its range of M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT cordless tool battery packs with two new models in the XC (Extended Capacity) and CP (Compact) battery segments, the XC8.0 and CP3.0, and launched a new Super Charger system for M18 & M12 battery packs.

According to the manufacturer, the M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT batteries are engineered to deliver more power and run cooler for longer than previous M18 REDLITHIUM battery packs. The HIGH OUTPUT packs carry 21,700 cells, up from 18,650 in the REDLITHIUM series, and feature an advanced power delivery system and re-engineered pack construction.

This upgrade provides Milwaukee Tool users with faster application speeds and fade free power across all three M18 battery pack types. The CP battery models are the smallest and lightest, while the XC offers a balance of performance, weight, and size, and the HD (currently on 12.0) offers the greatest power and run-time for high-demand applications.

All M18 batteries are compatible with the entire M18 line of 175+ tools, eliminating the need to invest in a new tool or system.

All HIGH OUTPUT models are optimized for faster charging times with the new M18 and M12 Super Charger, which uses Milwaukee’s REDLINK intelligence to optimize charge rates depending on battery type. Using the system, all HIGH OUTPUT batteries charge in one hour or less, up to four times faster than charging time on the standard charger.

The CP3.0 is set to launch in April, and retail for $99, or $149 for a two pack. The XC8.0 will ship in May and retail at $199, and the Super Charger will launch in July at $159.