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For every type of heavy lifting and moving in your yard there's a machine to do the job, and some of the newest use innovative tools and features to help users accomplish tasks more easily, efficiently, and, often, comfortably.

The 48-volt AC-powered Sidewinder ATX-3000 from Airtrax is able to work in tight spaces where turns are not possible: Its independently driven wheels each feature 12 polyurethane-coated rollers that rotate freely, allowing the Sidewinder to turn 360 degrees in its own footprint. Two joysticks control directional and hydraulic movements. 877.247.8729.

Yale Materials Handling's Veracitor VX lift trucks are designed for easy customization for specific application requirements. The Productivity model features a GM 2.4-liter engine, a Techtronix 200X transmission, electro-hydraulic mini-levers or joystick controls, and an Intellix onboard computer. 800.233.9253.

Toyota Material Handling now offers a factory-installed compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system on its 4,000- to 6,500-pound-capacity internal combustion (IC) cushion tire and 3,000- to 6,500-pound-capacity IC pneumatic lift truck models. The CNG fuel system features a closed loop design that automatically adjusts and optimizes the air-fuel mix ratio. 800.226.0009.

A range of new options and features, including high-tech gadgets and systems, increase the maneuverability, ergonomics, productivity, and safety of the latest material handlers.

Five new CT-Series telescopic handlers from Gehl offer tight turning radii, three-mode steering, high load capacities, and quiet, spacious cabs. The CT5-16, CT5-16 Turbo, CT6-18 Low Profile, CT6-18 Turbo, and CT7-23 Turbo models offer capacities ranging from 5,000 pounds to 7,000 pounds and lift heights from 16 feet 2 inches up to 22 feet 7 inches. 800.628.0491.

The Princeton Piggy Back PBX truck-mounted forklift from Princeton Delivery Systems features the Single-side Off-Loading Operation system, which allows the machine to unload a truck from one side, even over axles. An anti-stall hydraulic control system automatically adjusts engine output to meet hydraulic demand. 800.331.5851.

The Raymond Corp.'s four 8000 Series pallet trucks are designed for durability with a reinforced battery box, extra steel in the platform, and steel pull rods, pins, castings, forks, and skid bars. A low-maintenance AC motor maintains performance as the truck is loaded and as the battery discharges. Capacities range from 6,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds. 607.656.2311.

The T500J Tow-Pro trailer-mounted boom lift offers a towing speed up to 65 mph as well as a 50-foot platform height that includes a 4-foot jib boom with 130-degree vertical motion and 30-foot horizontal reach. A bolt-on material handling hook allows lifting of a variety of components and materials. 240.420.2661.

The re-engineered Moffett M55, M55P, M55 4-Way, and M80 truck-mounted forklifts from Hiab USA feature upgraded components for increased durability and reduced maintenance, including impact-resistant composite panels; corrosion-resistant pins; marine specification wiring, gauges, and switches; and a hydraulic actuated directional control pedal. A relocated instrument panel and valve levers, enlarged operator station, street lighting package, and redesigned steps offer improved ergonomics and safety. 419.482.6000.

The factory-integrated, 5,000-pound-capacity wireless scale from Cat Lift Trucks, mounted to a lift truck's carriage, allows operators to weigh loads on the fork using a touch-screen terminal with a Windows-based interface and one-push button functionality. Radio-frequency communications between the scale and terminal provide real-time data collection. 800.228.5438.

Sellick Equipment's S Series forklifts are designed for maximum operator comfort and safety, with ergonom-ic features in the vibration-isolated operator's compartment including tilt steering, a fully adjustable suspension seat, and easy-to-read gauges and indicator lights. The forklifts offer lift capacities from 6,000 to 12,000 pounds. 519.738.2255.

Hyster's sit-down, counterbalanced IC, pneumatic tire Fortis H40-70FT lift truck features multi-tiered engine-transmission configurations that match the right engine to the proper transmission for specific applications. Hydraulic componentry has been simplified and routed away from heat sources to reduce potential leak points. 800.497.8371.