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Ceilings are some of the most often overlooked and ignored surfaces in the home, but they can benefit from being dressed up. Here are some of the newest products for finishing residential ceilings.

Georgia-Pacific's Plytanium brand Ply-Bead panels are constructed of real Southern pine plywood, rather than wood bits bonded with glue, and offer greater durability and stiffness and a lighter weight than OSB, the maker says. The panels can be used for ceiling and wall applications. A lifetime limited warranty is offered on all Plytanium products. 800.284.5347.

Enhancing plain ceilings with decorative treatments such as tin tiles, wood panels, or dressy acoustical tiles can give rooms a more finished look. Harmoni Ceiling Tiles from illbruck are made from the company's willtec foam material, which makes them lightweight and easier to install, the maker says. The tiles absorb 90 percent of the sound that reaches their surface, and a Hypolan coating prevents dirt and dust from adhering to the tiles, which are mold-resistant and Class 1 fire-rated. Vista and Tartan designs are available in black, white and light grey. 800.225.1920.

MBoss' more than 100 metal ceiling tile patterns are available in three new colors: leather, burnt mahogany, and sky tones. Leather's mottled tones emulate the appearance of suede, burnt mahogany resembles dark polished wood, and sky tones features a pattern of white clouds against a sky-blue background. Custom patterns and historical replications are also available. 866.886.2677.

Composed of lightweight gypsum and a proprietary formulation, Interact 2-foot-by-2-foot lay-in ceiling tiles from International Architectural Ceiling Tiles are available in five coffered designs. The sound-absorbent tiles fit all standard 15/16-inch T-bars and drill and cut easily to allow for installation of downlights, sprinklers, or vents. They have a Class A fire rating and resist moisture. Interact ceiling tiles come finished with white vinyl acrylic latex; custom colors and finishes are available. 866.877.8453.

Armstrong Residential Ceilings has introduced three new metal-look designs in the Tin Look ceiling tile line: Fans, Squares, and Triangles. The 12-inch-square ceiling tiles install using a tongue-and-groove system that ensures proper alignment and a level surface, the maker says. The tiles can be painted in any metallic finish. 800.233.3823.

Comprised of a dimensionally stable textile fabric, a high acoustical-performance glass fiber blanket, and fabric retaining tracks, the QuietZone Solserene Fabric Ceiling System from Owens Corning controls excess noise by absorbing it. The system measures 1½ inches thick and can accommodate a variety of ceiling designs, including flat, domed, coffered, and vaulted. Four standard fabric colors and a range of custom-dyed colors are available. The system has a Class A fire rating and a 10-year warranty. 800.438.7465.