It’s time to welcome a new era for multi-point locking systems. Gone are the days when multi-points meant trouble for pre-hanging door shops and installation contractors.

Adam Kendall remembers those days well. “One of the biggest hurdles is aligning three locking points along the door height,” recalls Kendall, product engineering director for building product manufacturer Endura. “That requires perfect installation. The problem is, there’s no such thing as a perfect installation.”

Texas-based homebuilder and industry authority Matt Risinger agrees. “The builders I worked for avoided multi-point locks. Too many callbacks and hassles, along with limited hardware and high costs,” Risinger explains.

New Pro Sales Opportunity

Few dispute the advantages of multiple locking points. For eight-foot doors they’re critical in preventing warping, bowing, and other deflection risks. For any entry door, they’re three-way peace of mind no single-point deadbolt lock can match.

What changed?

Everything. The once-finicky locking device has been reengineered from the ground up by Kendall and his Endura team.

For pro dealers, the old worries over multi-point locking system callbacks, warranty claims, and frustrated pro customers are over:

  • Forgiving, fault-tolerant installation
  • Compatibility with off-the-shelf hardware from Schlage, Kwikset, and other top brands
  • Compatibility with electronic deadbolts
  • Breakthrough affordability
  • New fault-tolerant tapered, shark-tooth-shaped locking bolts
  • Adjustable roller strikes that forgive imperfections of up to 3/16” in three directions
  • Solid one-piece assembly ready to drop in a routed door stile
  • Versatile inswing, outswing, left-hand swing, and right-hand swing (no extra parts required)
  • Certified structural tested up to DP75
  • Air infiltration and exfiltration tested to A2
  • Water infiltration and exfiltration tested to DP60

The patented Endura multi-point locking system – called PanoLock+ -- was singled out as the Best of IBS 2022 Window & Door Product winner. Launched last February, Kendall says dealer and trade acceptance has been swift and humbling. “We’re just a few months in and sales are skyrocketing,” he reports.

Risinger is a fan, too. “It’s tough to get a door perfectly plumb,” he says. “The new PanoLock+ system works well for door openings that aren’t quite right. It’s very forgiving.”

High Performance Advantage

Multiple latch points should be of special interest for high performance and passive house builders, says Risinger. “I saved about $5,000 by purchasing a $750 standard entry door outfitted with PanoLock+ over a passive house-certified door. Blower door tests with the PanoLock+ door were very close to passive house standards.

“The fact you can transform an ordinary entry door to passive house-grade performance is huge. This is an extra edge for homebuilders,” Risinger suggests.

Learn more about how PanoLock+ multi-point latch system offers your pro customers extra project versatility, ease, performance, and upgrade options.