Dow Building Solutions Dow Building Solutions. Styrofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation creates a seamless, monolithic barrier against water intrusion and air infiltration by sealing and insulating cavities, cracks, and crevices, the firm says. The two-component insulation offers an initial R-value of 6.5 per inch, nearly double that of fiberglass. The SPF insulation also bonds to studs and sheathing, adding strength and rigidity to the wall assembly, the company claims. 866.583.2583.


USG. Ingredients added during manufacturing protect Sheetrock-brand Mold Tough gypsum panels from moisture and prevent mold growth on the front and back paper facings and in the panel core. Mold Tough panels score and snap quickly and finish easily. The panels, which replace the manufacturer's Humitek gypsum panels and water-resistant green board panels, come in four thicknesses and a variety of lengths. 800.874.4968.

Polyfoam Products Polyfoam Products. A waterproofing underlayment, a layer of expanded polystyrene foam insulation, a two-component adhesive, and a roofing tile make up the Ecoset Tile Roofing System. The five-part system delivers an R-value of 10.68 and reduces peak heat flow through the roof deck by nearly 80% in the summer compared to a standard dark shingle, the company says. 800.774.3626.

Franklin International

Franklin International. Formulated specifically for sealing foundation cracks, joints, and penetrations and around foundation membranes and damp-proofing coatings, Titebond Radon Sealant provides an impenetrable barrier against Radon gas. The sealant combines the flexibility of a silicone with the easy paintability and cleanup of an acrylic, the manufacturer says. It conforms to several ASTM testing standards. 800.669.4583.

Temple-Inland Temple-Inland. Combining structural sheathing with sound-deadening properties, QuietBrace panels offer a noise-reduction coefficient that's nearly twice as high as common wood structural sheathings, the manufacturer says. The panels are available in two thicknesses and in 4-foot widths and 8-, 9-, and 10-foot lengths. 800.424.2311.