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From file "092_pss" entitled "PMONImay.qxd" page 01
From file "092_pss" entitled "PMONImay.qxd" page 01
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Gorgonz Gorgonz Cold Weather Gloves feature the 180ºs Exhale Heating System that allows the wearer to blow warm air into the gloves through the exhale port while the gloves' air chamber system sends warm air directly to the fingertips. A Thinsulate lining adds warmth and padded knuckles and palms provide extra protection. 877.725.4386.

Trus Joist Treated with zinc borate in the manufacturer's StrandGuard process, which contains the EPA-registered biocide throughout the cross-section, TimberStrand LSL Treated Sill Plates provide fast installation with minimal waste. The zinc borate treatment protects the wood against insects and decay without the fastener corrosivity issues associated with ACQ, the maker says. 800.628.3997.

Supra Floors Subflor Advance floating subfloor panels are designed for use over concrete slabs to serve as an underlayment for finished flooring. Each 2-foot-square panel features an OSB surface impregnated with water-resistant resins and waxes as well as a high-density polyethylene plastic with ridges that create an airspace and allow moisture to drain. The underlayer extends to the panel edges. 866.782.3567.

Potlatch Corp. Designed to resist moisture absorption and edge swell, OXTreme Sturd-I-Floor specialty OSB features a moisture-resistant shell and a specially formulated edge seal that locks out moisture and eliminates the need to sand the panel edges. The subflooring material's self-spacing tongue-and-groove design allows for expansion and contraction, but keeps panels flat. 800.750.3850.

Bonsal American Constructed of a waterproof, lightweight, high-density material with fiberglass mesh reinforcement, PreFormed Shower Seats come ready to install and tile over in shower stalls and enclosures. A latex-modified cement coating provides a substrate for bonding tile and stone. The 20-inch-high seats are available in standard shapes, including triangle, triangle-convex, round, and square. 800.334.0784.

Universal Forest Products Available in a treated version for exterior applications and an untreated version for interior applications, the Easy Riser Engineered Stair Stringer is a pre-notched, adjustable 13-step system that can achieve a stringer length of 15 feet 9 inches with no vertical bracing or sidewall attachments. The Easy Riser features at least 5½ inches of wood at the riser point for structural support. 800.488.5385.

Reflectix Installed under concrete slabs, the Concrete Pad aluminum foil–faced bubble-pack radiant barrier conducts the heat of installed radiant floor systems, allowing it to spread out under the slab and help improve performance. The pad also reduces groundwater intrusion into the slab. 800.879.3645.

LL Building Products Master Flow Insulated Duct Sleeves and Duct Wrap Insulation are designed to work with existing and new ductwork to provide an R-value of 6.0 and reduce draft noise and temperature variations. Duct Sleeves slide over ducts or can be cut and wrapped around existing ducts. 800.755.9392.

Sound Footings Designed to replace stick-built concrete footings, the Square Foot pre-formed plastic footing is cut to size, attached to a construction tube, placed in the hole, and backfilled. The square design reduces the potential for tipping or leaning, so it is easier to keep plumb and level during installation, the maker says. 802.764.2323.

Flex-Ability Concepts A complement to the Flex-C Trac system, a metal track that makes it easier to frame curved walls, the Flex-C Header uses the same technology for radius headers. The product can be shaped by hand for load-bearing curves or S shapes, then screwed or nailed into place. Four widths are available. 405.715.1799.

LP Top Notch Orange Plus OSB is a third subflooring option from the company, offering more moisture resistance than standard Top Notch and a lower price point than premium Top Notch High Performance subflooring. The panels feature a self-draining notch system and edge coating that minimizes water absorption. 800.648.6893.

Georgia-Pacific DensGlass Silver residential exterior wall sheathing features the DensGuard glass mat technology on the front and back of a moisture-resistant core, providing superior moisture and mold resistance compared to paper-faced gypsum, OSB, or plywood, the maker says. The panels are 7/16 inches thick. 800.225.6119.

Duluth Trading Co. Master Series tool bags are made with 1200-denier fabric that withstands abuse and have extra reinforcement at wear areas, double needle stitching on bindings and edges, and a tighter weave. The bags feature wide openings that stay open for easy access. The medium tool bag is shown. 800. 505.8888.

Mechanix Wear The Series 3.0 ProFit Impact protection glove provides protection during pneumatic tool use. PVC silicone areas on the thumb and fingers improve grip and an anatomically designed thermal plastic rubber molded rib pattern on the back of the hands and fingertips provides flexible protection. 661.257. 0474.

Tajima The Chalk-Rite Gear Drive snap-line tool (model CR201R-0) includes a positive gear-lock line hold that automatically releases during rewind and a smooth gear-drive winding that winds up to three times faster than standard lines, the maker says. The compact unit includes 82 feet of premium-grade braided line. 888.482. 5462.

Ironclad The Tundra work glove features a four-layer insulation system that protects the wearer's hands in cold, harsh working conditions while allowing good control of tools and materials. The exterior shell is reinforced with DuPont Kevlar knuckle protection while a Thinsulate lining adds warmth. 310.577.5820.

Stanley The FatMax Professional Tool Box has a latch-less, three-position aluminum handle that slides from a locked position for carrying to an unlocked position for accessing tools. The 25-inch unit is made from steel and high-impact resin for durability and a light weight. It includes a 24-inch level holder and a removable full-size tray. 800.782.6539.

Medeco Constructed of solid brass and featuring the maker's Maxum deadbolt, the Cambria leverset has an ornate one-piece design and comes in three finishes. For security, double locking resists picking, hardened-steel inserts resist drilling, and a solid brass collar spins under pressure from wrenches or other tools. 800. 839.3157.

Illinois Glove Co. Featuring Zeta6 magnets mounted inside the backs of both gloves, SilverBack Magnetic Powered Gloves keep parts, fasteners, and tools handy. The half-finger design allows wearers to work with small tools and parts. The suede gloves are double-stitched for durability and comfort. 800.767.4016.

Hoppe The Athinai, Toronto, Rodos, and New Orleans swing door handles are forged of solid brass. The handles are available in several new Resista finishes, which will not tarnish, peel, or crack, including two split finishes: polished brass/brushed brass and brushed chrome/stainless steel. 888.485.4885.

Ridgid These storage chests include a variety of security features, including permanently retained locks and recessed shackles that prevent access by cutters and pry bars, solid lock tangs for pry resistance, and corner-located lock housings. Two of the boxes feature a Rapid Pass access hole in the rear for battery charger cords. 800.474.3443.

Matrix Xtreme Designed to cut round holes larger than 6 inches, the Matrix Xtreme hole saw features three narrow-width, replaceable forged-steel blades and an open-circumference design that allow for faster, cooler, and more efficient cuts. The saw cuts precise round holes in a range of engineered wood and other materials. 866.320.5340.

3M The Quick Loading Adapter on SandBlaster abrasives for 4- and 4½-inch angle grinders allows users to switch between discs easily without a wrench. According to the maker, the discs cut faster and stay sharper than conventional sanding products, and are able to withstand heat and friction; a special coating resists clogging. 800.364.3577.