A Dever Enterprises Water-based and VOC-compliant All-Shield concrete and masonry sealer applies in one step and stops water penetration and damage to many types of masonry, the manufacturer says. The product allows the substrate to breathe and water vapor to escape; is non-yellowing and mold- and fungus-resistant; and protects against freeze/thaw cycles, efflorescence, and alkali. 888.293.7951. www.deverenterprises.com. Circle 122.

B Henry Co. Designed for residential and commercial re-roofing and retrofit applications, the DuraTac SA self-adhering modified bitumen roofing membrane features a traditional SBS roofing compound on top, an SBS adhesive on the bottom, a split-back release film, and tear-resistant glass-reinforced poly mat for seamless installation. Ceramic-coated granules on DuraTac SA's surface provide UV resistance. 800.598.7663. www.henry.com. Circle 123.

C Reflectix Made from a closed-cell foam, the Reflectix Expansion Joint is engineered for use in standard concrete construction. The lightweight expansion joint will not prematurely break during jobsite handling, the manufacturer says, and is resistant to moisture, termites, and UV rays. A tear-off strip is built into the product and allows for caulked or un-caulked installation. 800.879.3645. www.reflectix.com. Circle 124.

D Tarco Designed for application under concrete, clay, and slate roofing tiles, LeakBarrier Fast90 self-adhering tile underlayment features a peel-and-stick bottom that reveals the self-adhering compound of high-tack SBS-modified asphalt. The product's granulated asphalt-coated top surface is engineered to withstand the stresses and weight of roofing tiles. 800.365.4506. www.tarcoroofing.com. Circle 125.

E Schluter Systems The Schluter-Rondec-CT double-rail edging profile features a recessed section with dovetailed grooves to which field or accent tile is bonded. The product helps simplify installation of tiled countertops by eliminating the need for ceramic trim pieces; the installer simply places field tile cut to fit between the two edging rails. 800.472.4588. www.schluter.com. Circle 126.

A Benjamin Obdyke An addition to the company's line of rainscreen products, Home Slicker Plus Jumbo Tex combines the Home Slicker 3-D matrix adhesively bonded to Jumbo Tex 60-minute building paper, saving cost and labor. The product comes in 40-inch-wide-by-33-foot-long rolls that cover 100 square feet. It is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. 800.346.7655. www.benjaminobdyke.com. Circle 127.

B DAP Phenoseal Does It Clear acrylic latex adhesive caulk dries clearer than other latex, silicone, or solvent-based sealants, the manufacturer claims. Providing a watertight seal that will not crack or discolor, VOC-compliant Does It Clear is ideal for sealing applications in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as around windows and doors. 888. 327.8477. www.dap.com. Circle 128.

C Alum-A-Pole Corp. Pro-trim nailless construction tape for siding trim allows contractors to install trim without a hammer, providing a clean, professional look while achieving a strong vinyl-to-vinyl bond indefinitely. The tape allows the trim to be repositioned if needed; its adhesion strength factor increases by a multiple of four within 24 hours. It can be used on outside corners and window trim and withstands rain, snow, ice, and winds of more than 90 mph. 800.421.2586. www.alumapole.com. Circle 129.

D Pittsburgh Corning Monarch Series glass blocks are now available in blue, pink, and bronze glass colors. The glass blocks come in an 8-inch-by-8-inch-by-4-inch wave pattern and can be used for a variety of applications, such as the kitchen or bath. 800.624.2120. www.pittsburghcorning.com. Circle 130.

E Smart Vent Utilizing a patented float-release mechanism triggered by rising water levels, three models of Smart Vent automatic foundation flood vents allow entry and exit of floodwaters to relieve buildup of hydrostatic pressure and protect foundations from structural damage. The Smart Vent model is fitted with temperature-controlled louvers that open when weather is warm and close when it's cold; Flood Vent has a one-piece insulated door to minimize temperature loss; and Overhead Vent mounts easily into garage doors. 877. 441.8368. www.smartvent.com. Circle 131.