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Spray-in-place insulation offers a variety of benefits, including competitive thermal performance and void-free cavities. Several manufacturers are adding spray-in insulation to their product lines, while others are improving their existing offerings.

Comprised of the maker's ProPink Complete Loosefill Insulation and ProPink Complete Non-Woven Fabric, the Owens Corning ProPink Complete blown-in insulating system is ideal for walls, ceilings, or enclosed cavities. Providing R-values up to 15 in a 2x4 wall, the fiberglass loosefill resists settling and mold growth. The manufacturer says that the system's form-fitting installation provides acoustical benefits. 800.438.7465.

North Carolina Foam Industries' InsulStar spray-in-place insulation system is applied as a two-part liquid that reacts to form a solid foam air and moisture barrier. The manufacturer says that an antimicrobial ingredient inhibits the growth of mold in the foam. Applied in a 2-inch thickness, InsulStar provides an R-value of 13. The closed-cell foam is formulated from renewable agricultural resources using an ozone-friendly blowing agent. 866.678. 5283.

Knauf Insulation's Jet Stream Fiber Glass Blowing Insulation delivers a process speed that is 30 to 40 percent faster than the manufacturer's previous blown-in insulation product. Thermal resistance varies depending on installed thickness and weight per square foot.When applied at a thickness of 10¼ inches, each 30-pound bag of Jet Stream provides 69.7 square feet of R-30 coverage. The GreenGuard-certified product is manufactured from a minimum of 20 to 30 percent post-consumer recycled glass. 800.825.4434.

Utilizing a non-toxic adhesive that eliminates the need for netting and drying schedules, Johns Manville's Spider Fast-Dry Spray-In Fiberglass Insulation is a formaldehyde-free product that dries faster than wet-application cellulose, according to the manufacturer. The Spider system includes a lightweight blowing hose, lightweight directional spray nozzles, a scrubber that creates a flat and uniform finish, and a vacuum feature that recycles unused product quickly. 800.654.3103. com..

Designed for CertainTeed's Blow-In Blanket System, Optima fiberglass loosefill insulation is applied behind a non-woven fabric and is blown in without any additives, such as adhesive. The insulation can provide R-values of 15 in a 2x4 wall and 23 in a 2x6 wall, the manufacturer says, and it will not settle, separate, or allow gaps or voids to form. 800.233.8990.

Mixed on site from liquid components, Icynene's pour-fill formula polyicynene insulation is applied by injecting the liquid through drilled holes into a closed cavity, where it expands to form a flexible foam blanket. The foam prevents air infiltration, but breathes to maintain the seal, and provides R-values of 14 in a 2x4 wall and 22 in a 2x6 wall, the maker says. 800.758.7325. www.icynene. com.

UltraFit DS dimensionally stable spray-on insulation, manufactured by Guardian Fiberglass and now distributed by BlueLinx, is a white loosefill fiberglass insulation combined with an inorganic powdered adhesive that forms a seamless blanket of insulation when sprayed into wall cavities. The system creates a monolithic seal in sidewalls, reducing voids and air gaps. 888.502.2583. www.bluelinxco. com.

New spray-in-place insulations offer improved installation systems, void-free wall cavities, and high R-values.