In the construction supply industry, one of the best things you can hope for is to sell products that create a great customer experience and get people talking. At the 2020 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, there were plenty of striking products on display, especially from window and door manufacturers.

At first blush, the Marvin Awaken Skylight might not seem too impressive, but its wow factor becomes apparent when you see how the product leverages digital technology.

Its removable wall switches and mobile app can be used to open and close the skylight and shades or to adjust the product’s supplemental lighting to set the desired mood in the room by changing the LED bulbs’ warmth and brightness—a feature that can be truly appreciated at dawn, dusk, or night. It’s a brilliant way to incorporate convenience, comfort, and customization into a product. For these innovations, the Awaken Skylight won the Best Window and Door Product category at IBS and was recognized as a finalist in the Best Home Technology Product category.

Marvin also introduced the Skycove window, a projected glass box that seats one or more people, creating additional livable space inside the home. Because the window protrudes out, the glass on the sides and top offers more outdoor visibility than traditional rough openings and lets in more light. This Best Indoor Product winner at IBS offers the convenience and comfort of an indoor seating area and can be customized to match the room’s décor.

How do you know when you have a truly impressive product? As you can see from the above examples, for Marvin, the answer includes a combination of functionality, aesthetics, convenience, comfort, and customization. These remarkable products, and many more, are featured in our cover story package. And, if you’d like to see videos of the Marvin products and others from Jeld-Wen, LP Building Solutions, and MiTek at IBS, check out the Videos section on