Greg Sattell, author of Mapping Innovation, advises organizations to follow a 70-20-10 rule to manage resources to drive innovation.

The 70% he refers to goes to sustaining innovation, which is addressed by improvements to existing products that match the company’s strategy. The 20% goes to exploring adjacencies to keep the organization, product, or service relevant by paying attention to adjacent markets and capabilities. The remaining 10% is made up by building a new paradigm. Sattell defines this as the area to pioneer and create something entirely new.

This 70-20-10 guide can help organizations in housing capture new ideas from other industries and to remember that there is a need to identify resources for something completely new and different. Sattell reinforces that innovation requires exploration.

That innovative thinking and exploration is exactly what happened among suppliers and the Meritage Homes team when designing and engineering the reNEWable Living Home. CR Herro, vice president of environmental affairs at Meritage and the lead on the project, regards the BUILDER concept home as a learning hub for the entire industry.

Here several of Meritage Homes’ supplier partners speak to the products that they offered the project and the way that Meritage injected them with energy, passion, and an innovative spin as part of the reNEWable Living Home.

Brad Wills, marketing and business development manager at Schneider Electric, is launching the company’s Wiser Energy product for the first time with the reNEWable Living home. The Wiser Energy system offers real-time transparent usage, plus predictive maintenance and control of the home’s energy systems.

Craig Benefield, national account manager for Carrier, speaks to the advanced systems in the reNEWable Living Home that are 40% to 50% more efficient than current code in Florida. The Carrier team worked with Meritage to design a zoned system that offers the occupants the ability to create their individual comfort level in different areas of the home.

Through a highly collaborative process, Western Window Systems worked with the design team to incorporate the newly launched 7600 door series that contributes to the energy-efficient envelope, says Erick Felsch, national accounts manager at Western Window Systems. This system satisfies not only the functional goals of the space, but also offers a new level of beauty while meeting code, which was a puzzle for the team to solve together.

These products and the thoughtful integration into the reNEWable project, which represents high-performing, scalable volume home building, will be on display in January in Orlando. Register now to see it live.