In addition to serving an ever-growing number of Hispanic contractors, dealers can provide valuable insights to builders regarding the design and finish products that resonate with Hispanic home buyers. For the most part, the big kitchens, open floor plans, and multiuse outdoor areas promoted in Casa Y Communidad, a new book by former HUD secretary Henry Cisneros and co-editor John Rosales, resonate with all types of home buyers. But there are some important details for builders that are targeting, or at least trying to accommodate, a swelling number of Hispanics looking to join the ranks of homeownership. Consider the following:

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  • More and smaller bedrooms. With the relative youth and larger size of Hispanic families, sacrificing footage in the floor plan to accommodate an extra bedroom is a big plus.
  • Convertible garage. Similarly, Hispanic buyers are more likely to convert the garage to a living space, typically into another bedroom or two. Make it easier (and less expensive) by providing a carport or parking pad instead of a traditional enclosed garage, or locate and finish the garage for easier conversion.
  • Ample parking space. Larger extended families and multigenerational households are more common among Hispanic buyers, often resulting in more cars in front of the house or in the driveway. Locate the garage deep into the property, along the rear or side of the house, to accommodate more cars along an extended driveway.
  • Indoor-outdoor access and sight lines. Most buyers appreciate indoor-outdoor space, but Hispanics especially appreciate easy access from the main living area and adjacent kitchen, including direct sightlines that enable parents to keep a watchful eye on children and guests.
  • Casa Y Communidad, Latino Home and Neighborhood Design, edited by Henry Cisneros and John Rosales, is available through or via phone at 800.223.2665.

–Rich Binsacca is a contributing editor for ProSales.