This article originally appeared on the REMODELING website.

While white and gray continue to dominate, homeowners are opting for more innovative appliances, technologies, and more.
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Demand for countertops is expected to reach 540 million square meters on 2.6% annual growth, according to a forecast from The Freedonia Group. Basic materials such as solid surfaces and laminate are projected to remain the most widely-used materials for counterop installations, but high-end products such granite and engineered quartz are also expected to hold a significant amount of market demand.

The Cleveland-based research group estimates engineered quartz will see its market size grow in the next four years, largely at the expense of granite. Granite has long been considered an aesthetically pleasing material with strong performance properties, and has been the go-to material for upscale applications due to its high price point. However, engineered quartz offers durability and and aesthetic appeal at a lower price point and has begun to erode the market size of granite, according to The Freedonia Group. The natural stone aggregates and resins used in engineered quartz also make it more readily available than granite.

However, the ongoing trade conflict with China has the potential to temper demand for engineered quartz in the U.S. market. While The Freedonia Group expects market demand to remain strong for engineered quartz in the U.S., the near 300% tariffs on Chinese engineered quartz may reduce the availability of some designs and colors in the U.S., increase the number of quartz slab imports from other countries, and allow other materials, such as stainless steel, to gain in market share.

The full study, Global Countertops, is available for $6,300 from The Freedonia Group.