Ply Gem introduces enhanced SolarDefense Reflective Technology, which provides its vinyl siding with protection from UV rays and increases curb appeal, according to the firm. The product’s light-reflecting properties and heat-resistant layer shield even the darkest colors, says Ply Gem. Five new colors have been added to the line.

Werner has expanded its family of Podium Ladders and Accessories with the AC63 Podium Gate, which is designed to fit any Werner Podium ladder. The gate easily swings open when one goes up or down the ladder. It also locks and fully surrounds the user when he or she stands on the top platform. The gate collapses for easy access and storage.

INOX‘s CeraMax, a new line of ceramic-coated door hardware, features a finish designed to protect the hardware from salt spray, oxidation, humidity, and UV light. It is 85 times stronger than stainless steel and can face extreme exposure to high humidity or UV light for up to 5,750 hours with no yellowing or loss of luster, the maker says.

Alliance Scale has released a forklift scale that can handle up to 5,000 pounds of goods and then send that data to a computer network in real-time. The Fork Lift Scale mounts directly onto the fork carriage; the controller mounts in the cab. The product includes a full numeric keypad and 1 MB of memory and can log up to 10,000 records.


National Gypsum introduces Gold Bond Brand SoundBreak XP Retrofit, which provides the same sound-damping benefit as SoundBreak XP board without the need to tear down existing walls. The product features a viscoelastic polymer adhered to the back, and the board resists mold, mildew, and moisture, the maker says.