When people talk about smart homes, technology usually jumps to the forefront of the conversation. New products released by appliance, lighting, and home security manufacturers cater to the idea of more and better technology in the home. Range hoods now boast Wi-Fi connectivity and smart touchscreens, while ovens are linked to voice-controlled assistants and mobile apps. Security systems and doorbells enable homeowners to capture, record, and store videos of the interior and exterior of their homes to improve safety. And light fixtures are incorporated with smartphone apps, allowing users to control the lighting of their entire home remotely with the touch of a button.

Doorbell Camera
The Wi-Fi–enabled LifeShield’s Doorbell camera features full 1080p HD video resolution and two-way audio support to enable homeowners to view and interact with visitors through the LifeShield mobile app and security touchpad. The system can be installed and operated through hardware or via a rechargeable battery. The video doorbell features a day- and night-vision mode to enable users to see approaching visitors at all hours of the day in any weather conditions. The product is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2019.

Home Security Camera
Alarm.com’s Wellcam home security camera helps caregivers, family, and friends watch over aging loved ones remotely. The video solution connects to other digitally connected devices (such as lights, locks, and thermostats) to empower safe and healthy independent living. The Wellcam has a 180-degree lens and 1080p HD resolution to enable users to monitor relatives at home remotely. The system also boasts two-way audio calls and live video, enabling users to check in via Alarm.com’s mobile app and visually verify the safety of those at home.

Voice-Enable Lights
Legrand’s Radiant Collection lets users control connected light fixtures through the Legrand Smart Lights app utilizing voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The app enables owners to control lamps, small appliances, and whole-home lighting from anywhere, as well as schedule lighting and appliances to turn on and off automatically, group lights around the same function, and create scenes to match routines. The devices are available as plug-in units or full switch boxes, and the dimmers’ Tru-Universal dimming technology is compatible with any dimmable bulb.

Hub Wall Oven Concept
The Whirlpool Connected Hub Wall Oven concept serves as both a wall oven and a smart kitchen hub. The oven offers automated and augmented options for meal prep, recipe selection, and time management. The concept’s 27-inch transparent LCD touchscreen surface takes the place of a standard window glass door. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows it to integrate with other digital systems, including calendars, and suggest recipes based on the family’s schedules and preferences. An internal vision system enables users to check their food without opening the oven door.

Connected Hood
This over-the-range smart hood from GE Appliances can control all of a home’s smart appliances. The system combines a vented range hood with a 27-inch smart touchscreen and incorporates multiple cameras that let operators use its video features while cooking. The system also offers the voice-controlled Google Assistant to allow hands-free use in the kitchen.

Self-Cleaning Toilet
The Neorest NX2 features high-tech sensors that can automatically open and close the lid of the product and flush the water. The toilet includes an integrated cleaning system that uses warm water, an air dryer, a heated seat, and an in-bowl deodorizer. The Neorest NX2 also uses Actilight bowl-cleaning technology that mists the toilet with electrolyzed water to remove waste. The manufacturer says the toilet was inspired by the beauty of pebbles shaped by water over time.

Voice Dimmer
Expected to be available in mid-2019, Leviton’s Decora Voice Dimmer combines a full range of dimming and three-way capabilities with integrated hubless voice-control capability powered by Amazon Alexa. The Wi-Fi dimmer can connect to the My Leviton app and any other Decora smart Wi-Fi devices to serve as a voice command center for the whole home’s lighting system. Users can set custom lighting schedules and scenes, as well as fine-tune settings for fade rates and bulb types, and control all lighting functions from anywhere in the world.

Digital Mood Lighting
NOON Home has developed a smart lighting system that replaces existing light switches and coordinates all the lights in a room with a single touch. The scene-based system includes the manufacturer’s Room Director, extension switches, and wall plates, which work together to transform a room’s mood or function. The Room Director, the primary controller, features a glass, touch-enabled OLED display and connects wirelessly to control up to 10 NOON extension switches, which can dim or control an individual light with existing bulbs and fixtures.

Smart Plumbing
Phyn’s smart water assistant and shutoff can detect water leaks in a home. The system sends real-time mobile notifications through existing Wi-Fi to alert users about potential leaks, affording them the opportunity to remotely turn off the water using the Phyn app. In the event of a catastrophic leak, the system has a built-in automatic water shutoff valve. The system runs daily diagnostic plumbing checks and will notify users of irregularities.