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Here are some of the newest manufacturing machines to fill the needs of your building component manufacturing business.

Designed to cut all standard truss parts from any lumber width, as well as one-off parts, with minimal setup time, the linear-feed Hi Speed ALS (Alpine Linear Saw) from Alpine Engineered Products is capable of cutting parts from lengths less than 3 inches and longer than 60 inches. The saw's blade angle can change 180 degrees in less than one second, claims the manufacturer. 800.786.6086. Circle 116.

Hundegger USA's Speed-Cut-Machine can handle any component size from 1/2 inch by 1 inch to 6 inches by 17 inches, as well as engineered products. The saw allows dimensional lumber to be stacked three to four deep for cutting multiple components at once, and the fully automated control system allows a single operator to load the machine and stack finished product unaided, without having to shut the machine down. 435.654.3028. Circle 117.

MiTek has enhanced its RoofTracker roof truss roller system by increasing the size of the table working surface, eliminating floor rails to prevent tripping, and providing access to the jigging area through the slotted table tops. More compact than previous models, the Roof-Tracker roof truss machine features a 10-horsepower single-speed gear motor with a travel speed of up to 165 feet per minute. 800.523.3380. Circle 118.

Monet DeSauw's DeRoto SauwMill computerized linear component saw features an auto-calibration system, diagnostic report system, and a touch-screen interface. Information can be entered into the saw via direct link or disc-load, or by manual entry using the semi-automatic screen. The DeRoto SauwMill feeds lumber lengthwise and the single-blade design allows cutting of 2-inch-by-2-inch through 12-inch-by-2-inch components up to a length of 20 feet, and scarf cuts longer than 72 inches are possible. 877.642.4900. Circle 119.

The Omni Miser automated wood processing system for roof truss and wall frame components from The Koskovich Co. features a completely automated materials-feed system and a patented on-the-fly printing system that can mark on one, two, or three surfaces while components are in motion. The cut-off and marking saw can handle long scarf cuts as well as cuts as short as 6 Circle 120.

The Sub-Component Nailer from Panels Plus is designed with easily adjustable tools to produce many kinds of components. Four on/off switches control the machine's four mounted nailing tools with individual regulators. Each gun features a tac switch for added safety. The nailer's squaring stop is operated by a separate control button. A foot pedal activates the tools and clamping devices. 866.726.7587. Circle 121.

Designed for extra-heavy use, Saw Trax's Heavy Duty Plus Panel Saw features a 15-amp Bosch wormdrive saw with a dust collection hood, vertical and horizontal measurement systems, and a rotating carriage that switches from a cross-cut to a rip-cut in seconds. The panel saw's Accu-Square alignment system ensures it will not go out of square,according to the manufacturer. Three sizes are available. 888.729.8729. Circle 122.

The Hain Co.'s Sub Component Nailer is designed to speed up the production of wall panel, window, door, and other types of sub components with a simple-to-load nail gun, six nailing positions, easy adjustments, and one-touch operation using the two-handed safety valve. The machine can be remotely reprogrammed using the programmable controller interface. 530.295.8068. Circle 123.

Re-tooled to meet the needs of large-volume panelizers, the Fastrac portable sheathing bridge from Viking Engineering is designed to ride over the surface of a wall panel, precisely placing fasteners along the stud's length. The Fastrac features simple touch controls, lasers for precise centering, and sensors that ensure fastening occurs only when a component is present. 800.575.3720. Circle 124.