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If you build in a northern climate or in other cold conditions, winterizing your jobsites is just as important as winterizing a home. Tools or materials can freeze in the cold, and paint, caulking, or concrete may not dry or cure as quickly as in warmer weather. Snow or ice build-up on-site can pose construction delays and create dangerous working conditions, especially if your contractors are driving on icy roads or working in remote locations.

Keeping jobsite workers warm is the most important task of all. “When outdoor crews are exposed to freezing temperatures or cold, damp conditions for too long, they can experience cold stress, which occurs when external factors drive down body temperature and cause cold-related illness and injuries,” says Andrew Hill, product manager at Marley Engineered Products. These risks include frostbite, hypothermia, and an increased risk of slipping or falling.

Below are just a few examples of jobsite tools, appliances, and apparel made to withstand wintery conditions and improve your workers’ comfort, safety and productivity.

Courtesy Marley Engineered Products

Industrial Heater - Marley Engineered Products

The MSDH High Temperature Electric Blower Heater series by Marley Engineered Products is designed for large-scale industrial operations, including construction sites. Depending on the user’s preference, the MSDH heater can produce comfort heating for workers in cold conditions or process heating for drying or curing applications, including paint and concrete work, up to 180 degrees F.

Unlike fuel-fired heaters, MSDH electric blowers can be left safely unattended, with no need for refueling and no risk of fire or dangerous fumes, the company says. A separate switch allows for fan-only operation, including air recirculation or fume exhaust. The heater is available in six models, ranging from 30 to 60 kilowatts.

Heavy Duty Gloves – Hex Armor

The Rig Lizard Arctic TP-X+ Palm 2026 offers ANSI Level 4 cut protection, an IR-X impact exoskeleton with additional protection between the thumb and index finger, and an enhanced TP-X palm grip, a C100 Thinsulate interior liner and a H2X barrier waterproof liner. The gloves’ seams are reinforced to extend their usable life. All five fingers are independent.

Courtesy Milwaukee Tool

Heated Jackets – Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s M12 Heated Gear jackets are lined with carbon fiber heating elements powered by Milwaukee’s M12 REDLITHUM batteries. Users are able to cycle through three heat settings or turn the heating elements on and off with a touch of a button inside the jacket, depending on current conditions.

The M12 Heated Jacket is made from Milwaukee’s ToughShell stretch polyester, which lasts up to five times longer than traditional soft shell, according to the manufacturer, with the same versatility and wind/water resistance. The jacket’s heating system can provide up to 8 hours of heat across the chest, back, and pockets on a single battery charge, or a full day of work.

“My first thought after putting the jacket on was that this was one comfortable jacket, heated or not. While it felt like I was putting on a rugged winter jacket, it also was lightweight and extremely flexible,” says custom home builder Robert Courtney in his review of the Milwaukee Heated Toughshell Jacket in Tools of the Trade. “It takes about two minutes to get up to full temperature, but within a minute, it is noticeably warm, which is nice if you’re getting into a cold truck at the beginning or end of the day.”

The M12 Heated Hoodie features a waffle-weave thermal lining, which works with the M12 heating system to generate and keep heat around the chest and back for up to six hours. Finally, the 3n1 Jacket system pairs a Heated Hoodie with a polyester shell, which is designed to provide three times more resistance to abrasion or tears than 12-ounce cotton duck fibers. The outer shell includes reinforced pockets and enhancements at articulation points to increase mobility. A heated vest and hand warmers are also available.

Traction – ICETrekkers

The ICEtrekkers Chains are described by the manufacturer as “tire chains for your feet.” The personal traction devices provide increased traction in snow and icy conditions over an extended period of time. The chains are made from case-hardened steel and are individually TIG welded. They are easily attached to almost all footwear with a rubber strap that remains flexible even in the cold.

Insulated Pants - Walls Outdoor Goods

Walls Outdoor Goods’ latest line of mens’ workwear includes five new pairs of pants, standard and insulated alike.

The Vintage Lined Duckwear Pants’ buffalo plaid-printed insulation layer provides warmth and comfort under a 9.5-ounce cotton stonewashed duck exterior. The pant features two cargo pockets, a cell phone pocket, a hammer loop on the left leg and a utility belt loop on the right side of the front waistband. It is available in washed pecan and washed graphite.

Snow Chains – Quality Chain Corp

The Volt Light Truck chains are designed for use on slightly larger vehicle tires, including those on light trucks and SUVs, to gain traction on snow- and ice-covered highways. The diagonal cross-cable design allows for better traction, an easier installation process, and a longer usable life than ladder-style chains. The chains are made of alloy rollers, which provide a longer usable life than carbon steel chains, the company says, and include rubber adjusters to fit the chains to the size of the tires.

The chains are cleared for vehicles with a minimum of SAE Class S clearance – 1.46 inches of space above the tire without any obstruction and .59 inch on the back side of the tire. Lighter and heavier-duty snow chains are also available, including specialized chains for construction equipment.

Jobsite Reporting - Raken

Among its many features, the Raken daily construction reporting app allows project managers to keep track of weather conditions at job sites in real time, and document and account for delays and safety issues that result. The application automatically captures weather conditions three times a day and attaches those conditions to all daily reports, along with an overview of how a job site’s weather will affect project progress. Using this information, Raken allows managers to plan their job site’s day around weather conditions, keep detailed records of a given day, and defend against weather-related legal claims.

SecuraTrac’s MobileDefender Model S.
Courtesy SecuraTrac SecuraTrac’s MobileDefender Model S.

Emergency Signal - Securatrac

Snow and icy conditions can pose risks to workers on already-dangerous jobsites – especially if the workers are alone or in remote locations. Securatrac’s newest mPERS emergency signal device, the MobileDefender Model S, provides an expanded series of tools for workers in high-risk conditions, especially those where a cell phone may not be readily available.

The device relays information about an employee’s location to their parent company, and provides an instant connection in case of an emergency. Beyond the MobileDefender line’s existing cloud capabilities, the MD-S also adds the ability for Central Stations to respond to emergency signals.

Other new features include a built-in fall advisory, which can detect horizontal or vertical movement and automatically trigger a call for help if it senses that the wearer has fallen, and a feature that allows the device to last for over 30 days in sleep mode on a single battery charge.

Snow Blower – Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet’s X Series line of snow throwers covers a wide-range of snow-clearing needs. The throwers are available at one, two, and three-stage performance levels, and range from 21 to 34 inches of clearing width. All models feature operator’s station snow cute control and a push-button electric start. The two- and three-stage models feature LED headlights and trigger-controlled power steering, and the three-stage model features heated hand grips.

Cub Cadet’s website allows users to determine the snow blower model that fits their needs by selecting the site’s average snowfall, the total area that must be cleared, and the type of surface that needs to be cleared – smooth, gravel, or both. The website automatically recommends one or more X Series snow thrower models based on these results, and allows users to compare and contrast their finds.