Check for Ticks
This is one tick you’ll want to keep around: Milwaukee Tool released its Tick tracking device for tools and equipment. Users strap, screw, or glue Tick onto the tools they want to keep track of. Tick links to Milwaukee’s One-Key app, which receives location updates once the tool equipped with Tick is within 100 feet of the app. Tick has a replaceable battery, is about 2 inches wide, and is impact- and water-resistant.

Benjamin Adams

Bevel Believe It
Boral released its TruExterior 8-inch and 10-inch bevel siding. The siding is made from a blend of polymers and fly ash, which the company says helps the siding resist cracking, warping, and splitting. The siding has a taper and deep shadow lines to mimic the look of real wood siding. Made in the United States, the bevel siding contains 70% recycled content. The siding is also available in a 6-inch width.

Suck it Up
Laundry Jet is an in-wall laundry transportation unit that allows homeowners to put dirty clothes, bedding, and linens into a vacuum chute to be sent directly to the laundry room. The jet ports can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or closets. Opening the jet port activates the vacuum. The items are sucked into the PVC tubes connected to Laundry Jet and are deposited into the laundry room via the wall-mounted vacuum unit. The company says that Laundry Jet works with both dry and slightly damp items.

Defy Gravity
Climb is Bostik’s new adhesive for vertical and horizontal hardwood flooring applications. The company says that Climb will grab onto products when wet. Bostik adds that Climb is designed not to bond to most pre-finished hardwood, making it easy to remove even after it’s cured. Climb also helps reduce squeaky floors and the sound of footsteps. It can be used on solid or engineered hardwood, OSB, drywall, and more.

Hit the Dek
DekTek introduced its all-new wireless charging system. A transmitter is placed beneath a non-metal surface where the user wishes to install the station (such as below a countertop). Then, users plug their device into a disk-shaped receiver called Halo and place Halo above the transmitter to begin charging. The 10W transmitter charges smaller devices, like phones, while the 16W transmitter will charge larger devices.

Embrace Tension
Feeney’s new tensioning tool seeks to make installing cable rail faster and easier. The tool is used on the Quick Connect SS fitting end and maximizes tension as the cable is pulled through the fitting. According to the company, this reduces the need for additional tensioning at the threaded terminal end. The tool can be used on 1∕8-inch diameter stainless steel cable rail. Adapters for 3∕16-inch and ¼-inch cable are sold separately.

Scott Dorrance

Writing on the Wall
Formica introduced its new Writable Surfaces line. The laminate surfaces feature three patterned markerboard surfaces: LoveWords, ColorBlock, and ImagiGrid. There is also Classic White markerboard option. Additionally, Formica offers chalkboard options, aptly named ChalkAble, in both gray matte and black matte finishes. Writable Surfaces can be mounted on walls, tabletops, cabinets, and more.

Royal Treatment
Royal Building Products announced its new Conceal Water Table. The Water Table is part of the company’s Conceal decorative trim line that provides a smooth transition from trimboard to siding. The water table incorporates a Celuka surface. It can be used with 5/8-inch, ¾-inch & 1-inch trimboards.

Tom Cwenar

Curve Around
Trex launched its new Signature railing collection. Set to launch this year, the railing is made from powder-coated aluminum that resists corrosion, according to Trex. The Signature collection also can be curved to fit the space. Trex offers the railings in pre-assembled panels in four sizes: 6-inch by 36-inch, 8-inch by 36-inch, 6-inch by 42-inch, and 8-inch by 42-inch. Signature is available in charcoal black, bronze, and classic white.

Hold Still
The new MPBZ from Simpson Strong-Tie helps to reduce the need for knee bracing columns. The patent-pending design provides movement resistance for wooden columns and posts, making it ideal for decks, fences, and carports. MPBZ features weep holes for water drainage and 1-inch tabs at the bottom to provide code-required post standoff, which helps prevent wood rot. MPBZ is available in 4x4 and 6x6 sizes.

Cap it Off
IKO released its new Ridge Cap shingles. The shingles are multi-layered, feature a polymer-modified asphalt coating, and have a pre-formed rolled design. The ridge cap shingles also help to protect the roof by providing a water-shedding system where roof planes meet. They're compatible with IKO's PRO4 roofing component system. Ridge Cap shingles are available in 16 different colors to coordinate with almost all of IKO's residential roofing shingles.

Water Block
Simpson Door Co. announced its WaterBarrier technology will be available for all its flush door designs, including those with windows, as well as standard raised and flush shaker moldings. WaterBarrier combines a moisture-resistant, medium-density overlay with an acrylic latex primer topcoat on the door’s exterior to prevent moisture from absorbing into the door’s paint. WaterBarrier is available for any wood species, door design, or door shape.