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Facing the Fire

What tactics did Confederate general Robert E. Lee employ to inspire his troops to... More

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Zero-VOC Paints

Since the Clean Air Act became law in 1970, it has been used to regulate the... More

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Act Like a Startup

When you get a moment between getting product out of the yard and answering questions from contractors and sales staff, close your office door and think about what you'd do if you could do it all over again. More

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How Do You Measure Up?

Get out your financial statements, for here are the latest numbers: 6.06, 19.82, 23.78, 41.65, and 59.61. No, this isn't the lottery; it's benchmarking, the practice of measuring the performance of your business against others in your industry. Those numbers are a few of the key financial ratios reported and calculated in the latest Cost of Doing Business (CODB), prepared by Jim Enter of the American Association of Roundtables (AART) for the National Lumber and Building Materials Dealer's Association LBM Institute. More

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Market Matters: Dead Cert

Market demand rarely justifies getting a chain-of-custody certificate for green-certified lumber. But new standards and green building's expected growth could combine to make certification a necessity at your business. Getting it is easier than you might think. More

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Market Matters: Net Gains

By most accounts, Curtis Lumber is a big dealer. With 22 locations, 650-plus employees, and annual revenue topping $153 million, it serves a generous portion of the builders and contractors in upstate New York and western Vermont with a full line of lumber and building materials. More

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Market Matters: Habla de Seguridad?

In 2002, the Hayward Building Systems roof and floor truss facility in Santa Maria, Calif.--the year-old, 50,000-square-foot, solar-powered jewel of Hayward Lumber--reported 28 work-related safety incidents in a 12-month period. The next year, the number shot up to 35 cases. "It was out of control," recalls Lynn Edie, operations manager and now one of two safety coordinators at the plant. More

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Market Matters: Pacific Overtures

It's safe to say that the supply channels for a wide range of building materials... More

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Public Perceptions

Dealers looking to offset drop-offs in residential production this year and next... More

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