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U.S. Siding Demand Forecast To Rise 6.8% Through 2014

American demand for siding will grow 6.8% annually between 2009 and 2014 to reach 101.5 million squares worth $11.1 billion, the Freedonia Group forecast. More

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Roofing Demand Forecast To Rise 2.4% per Year to 2014

Demand for roofing in the United States will grow 2.4% per year through 2014 to reach 274.5 million squares worth $17.9 billion, up from 243.5 million in 2009, the Freedonia Group forecast. Demand for asphalt shingles, which accounts for nearly three-fifths of the market, will rise 3.2% per year to 162.5 million squares in 2014, the Cleveland-based market analyst said. More

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Speedup in Demand for Countertops Forecast

America's demand for countertops will grow between 2008 and 2013 at close to twice the annual rate that is showed during the preceding five years, reaching 760 million square feet in 2013, the Freedonia Group forecast. More

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U.S. Demand for Gypsum Set To Rebound

Demand in the United States for gypsum products--primarily gypsum boards destined for new housing--will rebound sharply both in price and volume over the next 10 years compared with the previous five, the Freedonia Group forecast More

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Strong Growth Forecast for Composite, Plastic Lumber

Demand in the United States for wood-plastic composite and plastic lumber will grow 9.2% a year to be a $5.3 billion market in 2013, the Freedonia Group forecast. Decking and fencing are expected to see above-average gains, while molding and trim will have below-average growth, having "already attained substantial market penetration." More

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Forecast: N. American Window, Door Demand To Rise 3.3% Thru 2013

Demand across North America for windows and doors will climb by 3.3% per year from 2008 to become a $41.3 billion market by 2013, the Freedonia Group forecast. The residential market, which accounts for seven-tenths of total demand, is expected to gain 4.2% per year during that period. More

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Fiber Cement Siding

Though vinyl remains the cheapest and most used siding, fiber cement keeps making... More

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