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Earnings Roundup: Weyerhaeuser, Plum Creek

Wood-products manufacturers Weyerhaeuser and Plum Creek kicked off earnings season with reports of solid year-over-year sales gains amid a tight supply chain and a rebounding housing market. More

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Plum Creek's Profits from Timber, Manufacturing Rise in 2Q

Operating income rose at Plum Creek timber and manufacturing segments in the second quarter from the year-earlier period, but reduced revenues and income in the real estate section caused net profit to slid 18.2% to $36 million, the company reported today. More

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Plum Creek and Deltic Net Incomes Plummet More than 50%

It looks like another up and down year for the timber industry as first-quarter results for three major producers showed little consistency. More

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Plum Creek's Profits Rise in 3Q

Plum Creek Timber Co. reported today that its combined timber segments' operating profit climbed to $30 million in the third quarter from $24 million in the year-earlier period, while its manufacturing segment swung to a $7 million operating profit from a $1 million loss during 2009's third quarter. More

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2Q Earnings Roundup: Brief Sunshine Before More Clouds

Earnings reports for second quarter of this year showed robust gains in sales and profits at North America's lumber producers, typically because of the runup in OSB prices and the brief rise in U.S. housing starts. More

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Plum Creek's Manufacturing Ops Post $4M Profit

Plum Creek Timber Co.'s manufacturing operations rocketed out of the red in the first quarter, swinging to a $4 million operating profit from a year-earlier $22 million loss. Increased volumes helped overcome a modest drop in average sales prices to push revenues up $2 million to reach $60 million. More

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